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Is Love a Choice?

BrotherWord - U, Me, and We - Love Is a Choice

Going into Valentine’s Day, there will be a lot of advertisement and talk about relationships and love.  Most of if it will be profit-driven, but some will actually delve into the meaning of love, the shifting paradigms of relationships, and how do we sustain fulfilling and lasting bonds.  After having a few conversations this past week, it reminded me of a post I wrote years ago, so I decided to resurrect it and see what the masses think.  Let BrotherWord know what your definition of love is and how it pertains to your relationships (intimate, familial, and work-related).  Leave your comments here or on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveRequiem.  Welcome to Love Requiem Week where we are putting to rest the notion that love and relationships are dead! (more…)

Ask BrotherWord – Dazed and Confused

Ask BrotherWord - Dazed and Confused

Dear Brotherword,

Is it ever okay for a woman to let a man know when she’s interested, or should she wait and hope he eventually notices her? Some guys say they’re flattered to get attention from a woman, while others say men like the chase. Should I sit back and wait or go after what I want? There is a guy I’m interested in, but my friends say that if he was interested in me, he would show it because men go after what they want. Help.

Dazed and Confused


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