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not BrotherWord - Dating 101


There seems to be a serious lack of qualified men in the marketplace and the art of courting has seem to become a thing of the past.  Has dating devolved to a couple of drinks in hopes of a one-night stand or is there a sliver of hope for courtship that resembles the days of my elders?  Do men really court women anymore or has courting a lady become passé?


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Ask BrotherWord – Scratching My Head

Ask BrotherWord - Scratching My Head

Dear BrotherWord,

A male associate of mine told me that his co-worker saw my picture online and wanted to get to know me. My associate asked about my relationship status on behalf of his colleague. After learning that I am single, my associate asked if his colleague could connect with be on Facebook. I said yes. The next day, the colleague sent me a friend request, and I accepted. Since then, he has never communicated with me in any way. I’m wondering why a guy would seem to show interest, get the green light, then do absolute nothing.  

Scratching My Head


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