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not BrotherWord - Dating 101


There seems to be a serious lack of qualified men in the marketplace and the art of courting has seem to become a thing of the past.  Has dating devolved to a couple of drinks in hopes of a one-night stand or is there a sliver of hope for courtship that resembles the days of my elders?  Do men really court women anymore or has courting a lady become passé?


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The Future of Relationships?

BrotherWord - Future Love

As relationships continue to evolve and take on different priorities for different people, what was once thought to be the norm has warped into a different reality. Relationships and the pursuit of “the one” has taken on a new meaning and there has been a paradigm shift that has blurred what was once believed to be “proper protocol” when it comes to dating.

A recent study has shed some new light on what the future may hold for relationships and how people will perceive dating. I must say, it is quite eye-opening and definitely indicates a startling new direction to the idea of courting. The biggest change you will notice is why and how people date, the purpose and result they are hoping to gain through dating, and how that is very different from previous generations. Take a moment to digest the article as we dig deep into this and see how accurate it is or if the principles of the past still hold true. Make sure to come back to see what BrotherWord has to say, as well as how the readers react.  Leave your comments here or at or @BrotherWord with the #FutureRelationships.  Enjoy!



Ask BrotherWord – Losing Her

#AskBrotherWord - Losing Her


I can use your advice.  My lady and I have been together a little over a year and lately I feel like we are drifting apart. The vibe we once shared has dwindled considerably and the moments we used to share are few and far in between.  We once shared a connection that I had never experienced but as of lately, we have become distant.  I’m not sure what has changed, but something definitely has.  I have a million thoughts running through my mind about what could be going on, none of which are good.  She means everything to me and I am willing to do whatever it takes to salvage our relationship.  Please help me.


Losing Her


Ask BrotherWord – 3 Reasons You Didn’t Get a Second Date

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Asking someone out for a first date may be a daunting task in and of itself, but securing a second date is the real trick.

Many first-time daters fail to obtain that elusive second date because they inevitably shoot themselves in the foot. They said yes for the first date because it was something appealing about you, so what went wrong?

Here are three reasons why many daters are one and done:



BrotherWord - Ask BrotherWord - SexingMyEx

Dear BrotherWord,

I’m caught up in a serious predicament and I don’t know how to stop or get myself out of it.  Since I broke up with my ex, I’ve remained single, not dating or any of the “perks” that come along with dating.  The problems arose when I ran into my ex at a coffee shop we both frequented and enjoyed together.  I really wasn’t expecting to see him there since he moved to another part of town after we split.  That initial jolt and shock of seeing him brought back a slew of emotions.  We separated amicably, so we sat down drinking our coffee and caught up on life.  Of course one thing led to another and next thing you know we’re back at my place (our old place) having sex.  This has reoccurred several times, 8 to be exact, over the past 3 months and every time we say that it’s not going to happen again, but it does.  We also know we broke up in the first place for legitimate reasons and we’re not going to get back together, but we’re still having sex.  How do I stop this and break apart for good?

Ex Sex


Ask BrotherWord – Dazed and Confused

Ask BrotherWord - Dazed and Confused

Dear Brotherword,

Is it ever okay for a woman to let a man know when she’s interested, or should she wait and hope he eventually notices her? Some guys say they’re flattered to get attention from a woman, while others say men like the chase. Should I sit back and wait or go after what I want? There is a guy I’m interested in, but my friends say that if he was interested in me, he would show it because men go after what they want. Help.

Dazed and Confused


Ask BrotherWord – Scratching My Head

Ask BrotherWord - Scratching My Head

Dear BrotherWord,

A male associate of mine told me that his co-worker saw my picture online and wanted to get to know me. My associate asked about my relationship status on behalf of his colleague. After learning that I am single, my associate asked if his colleague could connect with be on Facebook. I said yes. The next day, the colleague sent me a friend request, and I accepted. Since then, he has never communicated with me in any way. I’m wondering why a guy would seem to show interest, get the green light, then do absolute nothing.  

Scratching My Head


U, Me, and We – Past, Present, Future

U, Me, & We:Past, Present, & Future

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” ~ Author Unknown

Heard a topic recently about “Recalculating Your Route” and it began me to think about what happens when history spoils the gift and ruins the mystery?  As creatures of habit and self-preservation, our first instinct is to gravitate to what is comfortable and protect ourselves at all costs, and in doing so, we may miss out on the most important and beautiful things in life.

So often we rely on what we have experienced and although it is wise to learn from our past, we forget to enjoy the “present” when we allow those lessons to stifle our future.  Pain is a great equalizer and reminder of what to do and not to do, but it can also be a paralyses.  It can leave you stuck in a rut and life passing you by, especially when it comes to relationships and love.

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