BrotherWord - Future Love

As relationships continue to evolve and take on different priorities for different people, what was once thought to be the norm has warped into a different reality. Relationships and the pursuit of “the one” has taken on a new meaning and there has been a paradigm shift that has blurred what was once believed to be “proper protocol” when it comes to dating.

A recent study has shed some new light on what the future may hold for relationships and how people will perceive dating. I must say, it is quite eye-opening and definitely indicates a startling new direction to the idea of courting. The biggest change you will notice is why and how people date, the purpose and result they are hoping to gain through dating, and how that is very different from previous generations. Take a moment to digest the article as we dig deep into this and see how accurate it is or if the principles of the past still hold true. Make sure to come back to see what BrotherWord has to say, as well as how the readers react.  Leave your comments here or at or @BrotherWord with the #FutureRelationships.  Enjoy!