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Motivational Monday

Fotor_145252153992384There is no greater motivation than LIFE itself!  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and at any giving moment, it can come to an end.  Today’s Motivational Monday is as personal as it gets as five years later I reflect on my sister who unknowingly helped to birth BrotherWord and all that has come to fruition.

The people around us affect us in so many ways without them even knowing and through those interactions, we discover who we are, what we are about, and in that rare occasion, they help us to unearth our God-given purpose.  Through my sister I learned that life is what we make of it, the lives we touch, and that fulfilling God’s purpose is the truest route to not only happiness on earth, but everlasting joy and peace.

Find what and whom motivates you to be your best and then latch on to them, learn from them, ask them questions, and most importantly, take the time to let them know that their life has and is making a difference on your life in return.  This thing we call life is shorter than we think and fleeing, so give those you love and cherish their flowers while they are breathing.


5 years and running and still wondering why. Still questioning God, “Why she’s not still alive?  Why she had to die?  Yet no more tears left to cry.

How do you mourn when there’s so much pain?  When the grief hits so hard from just mentioning her name?

Where do you find comfort when you cannot find peace?  The memories begin to fade, the voice becomes a whisper, when the agony never seems to cease.  

How do you begin to move forward when the past keeps dragging you back? How do you let go of the hurt when every waking moment seems like an anxiety attack?

Look to the heavens from which your blessings flow, remember what you reap is also what you sow.  But when I look upward all I want is to see her face, but instead the clouds hide her and and I find myself in an empty space.

I’m thankful to God for the time spent, the laughter, the conversations, the hugs and the kisses, but what do you do when all you can think about is how much you miss her?

Counseling, communication, and church, nothing fills the void; and here we are 5 years later and it still feels like yesterday, one continuing, horrible nightmare, that has come forth to steal, kill, and destroy.

But the devil is a liar and my Christ is the forever joy that can make us whole, because even in death, Melissa transformed lives and saved countless souls.

5 years later and yes it still hurts, but as God as my witness and my sister as my motivation, I must continue their great works!

We each have a purpose and my angel’s work was done, so now it is up to us all to pick up the mantle and make sure that we complete our task before the setting of the sun.

Can never repay her for all that she gave nor all that she means, so I will live my life in her honor, never forgetting the love we share or the unbreakable bond, knowing she watches over me and I can see her my dreams.

Rest in paradise baby, you fought and won the battle, and Heaven is your reward.  Know that you taught your big brother more than you could ever know and now I live for us both as I edify our Lord.

Rest in paradise on your birthday as we blow out the candles wishing you nothing but peace; and know how much we love you and your memory and legacy shall live on and never cease.  © ~BrotherWord

Thankful Thursdays


BrotherWord - Thanksgiving

Colossians 3:15-17 – And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

On a day full of things to be THANKFUL for, I am truly THANKFUL for life’s teaching moments and learning what is truly important.  I know and have seen, and honestly have been one of those people who thought happiness came through the pursuit of power, possessions, and people and did not realize that real happiness is only found within.  I am so THANKFUL on this Thanksgiving for an inner peace.   (more…)

Heaven Is Smiling

BrotherWord - Heaven is Smiling

Heaven Is Smiling


It seems like yesterday when the pearly gates opened and welcomed you home;

4 years later and your presence, or should I say your absence, still rings strong.

The glue, the beauty, the laughter, the one who held us down and held us together, without you, our family just isn’t the same;

Despite the time that has lapsed and all that has happened since, I still find myself calling your name.

Melissa Anne Moore, my sister, confidant, ride or die, my friend;

It couldn’t be more true when they say all good things will come to an end.

I used to ask God why, it’s too soon, we still had things to do;

Little did I understand that your work was done, your purpose fulfilled, and your time here was through.

You were born so I could live;

Not because of illness or necessity, but to teach me what it meant to truly give.

Give of your time, tools, and talents, because our days are numbered;

This life we have is a one shot deal before we reach that eternal slumber.

Through you I discovered purpose and passion and was introduced to a life that transcends time;

Who would have known that after you entered the Omega chapter, I’d become part of the oldest and coldest of the Divine 9.

How I wish you could have been here, seen me cross those burning sands as I saw you 15 years ago;

But I sensed your spirit, heard a whisper, and felt your heavenly touch, I could hear the trumpets in heaven blow.

Life is different, my world not the same, and what I wouldn’t do for one last talk;

But I accept God’s will is better than my understanding and I thank Him for length of our walk.

Today is your birthday and we will continue to praise God’s name and celebrate your life;

 I will continue to honor your name and carry your torch and legacy you started is now my plight.

As we think of  how much we miss you, we may shed a few tears, laugh at the memories, and remember the good times as we travel the miles;

As much as I miss you, I thank God for the time we had and when it’s all said and done, I can see Heaven smile. ©

BrotherWord - MAM2015 


#AskBrotherWord – Family Dinner

#AskBrotherWord - Family Conflict

Dear BrotherWord,

With the holidays approaching, I am dreading family dinner.  Between my sister who is still holding on to past issues (I am married to the man who used to be her high school sweetheart), to my in-laws who wish their son was married to my sister, to a mother I can never seem to please, a 14 year old who works my last nerve, and not enough time in the day to get everything done, I am dreading this year’s family dinner more than usual.  Please tell me how do I get through the holidays without it turning into a complete disaster?

Yours Truly,

Holiday Horror Show


Hi Holiday Horror Show (Wow!),

No one should dread spending time with family, especially during the holidays.  What is supposed to be a time of cheer and happiness can quickly turn into conflict and discord if steps are taken to ease the tension.

The first option is to handle the things you have control over.  Your sister still harboring ill will or your in-laws dwelling on what they wish would have been are beyond your scope.  The one thing you can do is go to each of them and express how it has and continues to make you feel.  Explain to your sister that you understand why she may feel as she does and that regardless of what took place, she is still your sister and that relationship is important to you.  Not knowing how you came to marry you sister’s high school sweetheart, it is plausible that a mix of emotions surround the circumstances.  Nonetheless, that was the past and this is the present.  There is a way to move forward, rebuild and reestablish that sisterly bond if both of you are willing to try.

Your in-laws, that is a different approach altogether.  How they feel is less important than if they respect you and your marriage.  It is time that boundaries and understanding are established.  Their son, your husband, chose to marry you and as such, they need to come to terms with that and get on board.  What they may have wanted for their son, what they envisioned, what they hoped for, was their whimsical wishes and obviously he had other plans.  It is time for them to accept that and it may take a heart-to-heart that includes them and the backing of your husband for them to let go of what could have been and what actually exists.  This conversation albeit tough, can and should be handled with love and respect.  Remember, they are still you husband’s parents, your daughter’s grandparents, and your extended family.  As much as you may want to Bewitch them and make them disappear, it is just not that simple.

Your daughter… that appears to be teenage angst.  I can imagine like most of us, you too worked your parents nerves every now and then.  One of the simplest ways to find common ground is to work on common objectives.  As much as she may fight against your every effort, building traditions and memories opens lines of communication and begins to build a rapport that leads to understanding and less conflict.  The holidays are a great time to start family traditions and mend broken fences.  Do not let another opportunity pass to build a better relationship with your daughter.

Last, but certainly not least, do not over-stress or put undue pressure on yourself to please everyone.  That is an impossible task and the true essence and purpose of the holidays is to come together, family and friends and share holiday cheer.  The sensationalization and obsessive shopping has clouded and degraded what the holidays were meant for.  It was never about the biggest or shiniest gift, but all about gathering together to celebrate the blessings of the season.  If you focus on that, what the holiday season really represents, I guarantee you will delight in the holiday spirit.  

This year, build a new family tradition.  Instead of shopping to you drop, volunteer as a family spreading love and happiness to those less fortunate.  Adopt another family and help them experience holiday cheer and some of the magic of the season.  Start rebuilding the cohesiveness of your family by coming together, starting anew, and sharing joy and yule tidings to one and all.

Family and Future


The death of a loved one is never easy.  That sense of separation and hurt is indescribable and there is very little that can soothe or comfort.  What does make a difference is support; support from family and friends and strangers alike.  It is normal to grieve, but how does a 17-year-old cope with finding their mother deceased?  Like anyone else, they keep going and lean on those closest to them.  Look at this heart-warming video and witness the purest form of family.  The shortcomings of our youth are constantly pointed out, but yesterday’s story and this one are shining examples of a bright future.

 Source: James Rose – KDFW – @Fox4

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

Head of Household

BrotherWord - Head of Household

With the progression of women’s power in the workplace, the idea of “head of household” has become an area of contention in some homes and relationships.  Sure, from a biblical stance there are many scripture verses that allude to the theory that simply being male makes one the head of the household.  Many women today scoff at this notion and have begun to rebel against ideals. (more…)

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Living Life

How do you find motivation knowing a piece of you will not be there to witness the finished product?  When your driving force and inspiration is no longer present to push you, cheer you on, and support you at every turn?  What do you do when you do not have the muster or the strength to continue?  When your heart is hurting and spirit broken and the only question you have is “why,” how can you possibly find motivation?

You keep LIVING!  Life was meant to live.  No one ever said it would be easy or fair, but one thing is for sure, we all get an opportunity to live the lives we desire and to pursue our dreams.  What you make of life is solely an individual journey.  Live the life you have to the fullest, embrace and soak all of it in, the great times and the difficult times, and make the most of every chance you get.  Opportunity will come, second chances not as often, so seize each moment, learn from them, and cherish them as though it may be your last.

We do not know the day or the time when we no longer will be able to pursue our hopes and aspirations; please, no more delays.  And if you can not find the motivation within, sit at the feet of your elders and soak up their knowledge and invaluable experiences.  What you may think are funny or outlandish anecdotes are actually blueprints of guidance that will lead to longevity and prosperity.  Motivation is where you find or better yet, through whom it is delivered.

My motivation has come through a lineage of phenomenal people who have poured into me and blessed me beyond measure.  When I was lost and confused, I did not have to look any further than family photos.  We may not all have family ties to pull us through the fire, but we all can find motivating factors in someone, even a stranger.  Do not let life tear you down or steal your joy, but face it head own, head held high, and no matter what happens, keep going!

What motivates you will be different than what motivates others, but what we all have in common is that we have one life to live.  Make the most of yours!

Jimmie Moore Sr



~ Dedicated to Jimmie Moore, Sr., a “man and a half,” a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend, a MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION to all he knew.  We love you Papa!



Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday - Life

Sometimes life is completely unfair and everything you thought was possible, everything you thought you still had time for, just doesn’t work out as planned.  But what you do with the time you have is what matters the most.  We’ve all heard that where you start and where you end isn’t as important as the journey in between.  What will your dash say about you?

Just as quickly as plans change, so do people adapt.  Stop letting the changes in life halt you from living!  Each moment of life is what you make of it, so you can either decide to crumble under the trials of life or use it as stepping stones to climb higher.  Motivation comes in many forms and how you harness that energy and allow it to manifest is a testament to your character and ultimately, the legacy you leave behind.

I had the pleasure and honor of watching a man live life to the fullest, making sure every moment he had mattered.  Unbeknownst to him, he left an impression on me that will never be forgotten and how he lived his life inspired so many.  Unfortunately, his life was cut way too short and as we celebrate the life he lived, he made sure to leave a reminder of what living is about – “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Timothy Marsh, knowing that his time in this realm was limited, ensured that his daughters would not forget how much their father loved them nor would his presence not be felt on their wedding days.  Please take a moment to watch the videos below and as you are watching them, soak in the experience as you realize that no matter what life may throw at you, when it is all said and done, you still have the opportunity to swing back!  Tim didn’t succumb or stop living, but used each breath to make an impact, an impact that will motivate others and bring joy for years to come.  Thank you for being an inspiration and motivation Tim; gone too soon, but your legacy shall live on.  Rest in Power and in Peace!

Sorrow not if, in these days and on this earthly plane, things contrary to your wishes have been ordained and manifested by God, for days of blissful joy, of heavenly delight, are assuredly in store for you. Worlds, holy and spiritually glorious, will be unveiled to your eyes. You are destined by Him, in this world and hereafter, to partake of their benefits, to share in their joys, and to obtain a portion of their sustaining grace. To each and every one of them you will, no doubt, attain.” ~ Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh


** Warning – You may need to have a tissue or two on hand. – **




#Ask BrotherWord – Submission

#AskBrotherWord - Submit


Do you think women should be submissive to their husbands?  After having a conversation with a group of older ladies, I really began to wonder.  I was asked if I was submissive to men and told rather matter-of-factly, that I would continue to be single and forever lonely until I learned how to cater to my man!  They went on to say that young women are more about friends, careers, etc. first and treat men as a last priority.  Their definition of being submissive was that their needs are met after his and to allow the man to make choices and simply follow.  Call me crazy, but I’ve been making decisions for myself for quite sometime and I don’t need anyone making them for me now.  I have no problem collaborating, but it sounds to me they are saying I need to relinquish all freedom and personal choices.  That isn’t an option so now what?


New Millenium Woman (more…)

The Rock – Happy Father’s Day

BrotherWord - The Rock

The Rock

When God made you, he already had a plan;
He called you to conquer and be ruler of all the lands.
He made you king, priest, protector, and provider;
He said after Himself, no one came higher.
Chiseled from the rock of Gibraltar and laced with the armor of the most holy;
He placed on you to be a server of men and savior of souls, so they too could witness His glory.
From your rib, thought became flesh and God’s purpose fulfilled;
To every man, woman and child, his grace and mercy revealed.

You were charged with building families, communities and futures yet to come;
No one could imagine the magnitude or the stress, but everyday you rose to the challenge and victory was won.
Today and everyday we salute our fathers;
Everyday is a new challenge, and everyday it seems to get harder.
They say mama’s baby and daddy’s maybe;
But just maybe if daddy had his daddy, it would be less maybes and better babies.
Being a father has nothing to do with planting a seed in fertile ground;
But everything to do with watching that seed grow and sticking around.
It’s easy to make a child, two willing partners, a bit of science and God’s miracle is birth;
But being a father, going through the ups and downs, nurturing, disciplining, loving, and being a constant presence, is how you show your true worth.
F.A.T.H.E.R. – Faithful servant following God’s will and leading and loving his family with all his might;
Attentive to all our needs and wants, never losing focus of the bigger picture in sight.
Teacher, counselor, and disciplinarian making sure we learn life’s lessons and prepares us for the day we take their place;
Hero and healer who protects us from harm’s way and would give their life in an instant to make sure we remain safe.
Everything – Her first love, his first example, and the epitome of what every occurrence will be measured against and compared to;
Redeemer because when we fail, he will be there to help us up, encourage us to carry on, and remind us that he once failed and that’s how he grew.
He is Father by choice and not because of obligation or duty,
He chose and accepted his role and has stood tall because to him, it’s God’s greatest assignment and display of beauty.
Whether biological or those that rose to the occasion and filled in the gap,
A special salute to all for what you do in silence, behind the scenes, when no one else would, to you I tip my hat.
Thank you dads for loving us in the worst of times and the best of times each and every day,
But no matter what, being a man led by faith, man of integrity, allowing us to grow and catching us when we fall, and being there when we wake up or at least a phone call away.
Any man can be a baby’s daddy, make a child, never look back, someone that child will not remember;
But it’s takes a man to be a Father, help that child grow, raise an adult and don’t have to look back because they’re always front and center.
Immovable, unshakeable, not easily broken, and massive in ways that can’t be measured;
You’re our rock and cornerstone and our cherished treasure. ©
Happy Father’s Day!

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