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Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Life

Life’s challenges will test you at every turn, try to break you, and will push you beyond anything you thought you could handle or was willing to deal with.  Guess what, IT’S LIFE!  It is meant to test your mettle, grow you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, tear you apart at times and reinvent you at others.  The beauty of life is that every day you wake up it’s another opportunity to experience something you have never experienced before, get that much closer to obtaining you goals, and more importantly, learning to navigate life and achieve maximum happiness.  What many learn through life’s experiences is that you reap what you sow and whatever life you desire, it is at your fingertips if you desire matches you drive.

Take heed of the mantras below, utilize them, memorize them, apply them to your everyday.  Life may knock you down, but keep getting up.

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday



Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!

One of the greatest feelings in the world is to know you’re not alone.  Having someone to confide in and call upon when times are difficult is a comforting and securing feeling that can’t easily be replaced.  I am so THANKFUL to have people in my life who are more than family and friends, but confidants, listeners, and sounding boards.  They uplift and support me and add an element of belonging.  I’m THANKFUL for the ability to speak without being judged, to express without being looked down upon, to converse freely without condemnation, and to express my feelings without them being dismissed.

Communication is the key to life and when you’re able to share dialogue openly and honestly, it is a gratifying feeling.  Take time to speak with your loved ones; more importantly, make time to listen to them.  The best gift you can give to someone is to listen to them and  let them know what they think and how they feel is as important to you as it is to them.  Show them how THANKFUL you are for their thoughts and opinions and they’ll be just as THANKFUL to have a voice.

Are you THANKFUL for those around you and the freedom they afford you to share your voice?  How does communication play a part in your THANKFULNESS?  Share your thoughts with #BrotherWord and THANK YOU for listening.

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