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Searching For Him

BrotherWord - Searching For Him

One of BrotherWord’s loyal followers – @gmilliboo – submitted an article in regards to Head of Household.  Tobi Atte’s Christian perspective on dating and women’s pursuit of finding a mate is refreshing and thought-provoking.  As he points out, searching for him greatly depends on the mindset you start out with.  Take a moment to read this insightful article and let @BrotherWord and @ijustmetme know your thoughts. (more…)

Head of Household

BrotherWord - Head of Household

With the progression of women’s power in the workplace, the idea of “head of household” has become an area of contention in some homes and relationships.  Sure, from a biblical stance there are many scripture verses that allude to the theory that simply being male makes one the head of the household.  Many women today scoff at this notion and have begun to rebel against ideals. (more…)

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