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What Lessons Are You Teaching?

BrotherWord - What Lessons Are You Teaching

Friday night lights is a tradition around the country, but no one takes their high school football more serious than the state of Texas.  Aledo High School is a 4A powerhouse that has been dominating the Fort Worth area this season.  So much so, they beat Western Hills 91-0 last Friday, but the real shocker was what happened after the game.


Permission or Protection

BrotherWord - Permission or Protection

The Boston School Committee is voting on whether or not it will expand its already active program of dispensing free condoms to all 32 schools in its system.  Already available in 19 high schools with on-campus health centers, students at Boston public high schools may be able to receive free condoms if they sit through a brief consultation on safe sex.


Faithful Faux Pas?

Racing to victory is probably one of the most exhilarating feats one man can achieve.  Crouching in the blocks, pistol firing, and every muscle in your body exploding in unisonance propelling you down the track.  Competing against a field of equally athletic challengers is a true test of mental strength and physical prowess.  Crossing the line, victorious, you look up, raise one finger oh so slightly, and thank your higher power for helping you endure and come out triumphant.  Minutes later, when you should be celebrating, you’re informed you and your team have been disqualified for that same gesture.


When Is Change Good?

BrotherWord - Change is Good

In 2013, the notion of segregation and separatism seems farfetched and something more suited for 1913.  But in Wilcox, GA., the students at Wilcox County High School participated in the very first fully integrated prom this past weekend.  The first EVER in the school’s 40 year history!


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