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Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Smile

So THANKFUL for the smile within that permeates to the outside.  The world did not give me my joy and it cannot take it away.  When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reason to smile!  Times may be hard and circumstances may beat you down, but despite it all, just smile.  Smile through the pain, smile no matter the hardships, smile because this too shall pass, and smile because you are THANKFUL for it all.  Smiling is the one gift that both the giver and receiver share alike.  Take a moment to read the caption below and I guarantee when you reach the end, you cannot help but to smile.

“Smile.  Let everyone know that today, you’re stronger than you were yesterday.”

“Use your smile to change the world.  But don’t let this world change your smile.”

BrotherWord - The Value of a Smile

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday

30 Day Challenge to be THANKFUL

Being THANKFUL doesn’t just happen!  It comes through daily affirmations of appreciation and gratitude for what we do have and even for what may not be ideal in our mind or world.  You wouldn’t expect a flower to grow without water nor would you expect your body to get healthier without nourishing it, so why would you expect to feel like you have enough and you are enough, without nurturing a THANKFUL spirit and mindset and an appreciation for yourself, those around you, and for where you currently are in life.  A THANKFUL life does not mean being complacent, but accepting and working with your present circumstances while patiently waiting for what is yet to come. (more…)

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

During this holiday season, what can be more gratifying than bringing joy to someone else?  A selfless act of kindness can be the difference that changes one person’s life and leaves a permanent stamp on an entire community.

Nothing was more evident of this than what was displayed by the young men at Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Michigan.  The fact that they thought enough of their classmate is one thing, but they took it a step further and devised and executed a public display worthy to be commended.

I don’t want to spoil their efforts too much so watch the video below, but how great is it when we take the spotlight off ourselves in order to shine it on others.  When anyone makes an effort to help someone, they are enriching two lives, their life and the recipient.  You need inspiration, are you wondering why you have been placed in the position you are in, trying to understand your purpose?  Look no further as these young men teach and exemplify the living embodiment of one for all and all for one.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays

I saw a sign recently that read, “A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart.”  How àpropos.  The more we think, the more we thank©.  The brighter our spirits become, the more the burdens dissolve and the faster our hearts and souls fill with joy.  Proverbs 23:7 reads, “For as one thinks in his heart, so is he.”  The mind is the most powerful tool God gave man and mere thoughts can change a person’s outlook on life and transform the world around them.  Today I am so THANKFUL for peace of mind and a happy heart!  To have calmness despite being in the midst of storms, to know that in every trial there is a lesson to be learned, and realize that despite any setbacks, tomorrow presents an opportunity to improve and grow, is a purposeful choice to choose happiness and gratefulness and not succumb to life’s heartaches and tragedies.  What a blissful and THANKFUL thought!  Let today start the transformation of your thoughts and life.  Life will present you with many moments of despair, but that’s just it, they are ONLY moments.  Choose to minimize the moment and maximize the potential to gain self-actualization and self-improvement.  Think about all the blessings you have, look at how far you’ve come and imagine how far you’ve yet to go, envision happiness and greatness let it be the catalyst of THANKFULNESS.  As cliché as it may be, we truly are what we think.  When you begin to think, began to thank, and watch your world morph and take a paradigm shift turning into a masterpiece of beauty, joy, and unparalleled happiness.  #Think2Thank

 We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.     ~ Buddha

BrotherWord - Rev. Michael P. Jacques

  ~ Dedicated to the memory and legacy of Rev. Michael P. Jacques, S.S.E., a priest and pillar of a community and city, an activist and advocate for Jesus Christ and his fellow man, a father, uncle, brother, and friend, who showed love to whomever crossed his path, who smiled through life’s worst times, taught others how to not only overcome, but to reach new heights, who fought for the downtrodden and less fortunate, who cared for the elderly and indigent, and who lived a life that exemplified  Jesus’ love, grace, mercy, and mission of servitude.  He will be missed by many, but the life he led taught us all what life is truly about and how to make the most out of the lives we’ve been given.  Love you Fr. Mike
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