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Purpose In the Pain

BrotherWord - Purpose In the Pain

This pain I feel is wearing me down, how much turmoil can one person endure before they begin to drown.  One thing is for sure, either you are going through, about to go through, or just coming out the storm, but before you give in, it’s after when the sun comes out and rainbows are born.  There’s purpose in this pain and lessons learned, what didn’t kill has not only made me stronger, but made me wiser and for that, I no longer have to yearn. ~ BrotherWord

Pain attacks in a multitude of ways and affects us in all areas of our lives – physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.  Pain is one of those things that is inevitable, but what is often missed and overlooked is that even in the pain, there is still purpose.  

Pain in the physical form brings forth a reaction from the central nervous system telling us that something is uncomfortable, does not feel well, is conflicting with our body.  When our body aches, it triggers the mind to do something different or stop altogether, cease whatever action is causing the pain, but anyone who has ever worked out, trained, done any physical activity, will tell you that is not until you push through the pain that you begin to conquer the mind and your body.  As much as pain may warn you, it can also trick you into prematurely quitting.  If you succumb to the pain, how would you know how far you could go, how much you can achieve, how would you discover the deeper purpose.

Emotional pain is even more debilitating.  An emotional blow can cause a ripple effect that will destroy the psyche and the physical if allowed.  Emotional wounds attack the deepest recesses of our mind and cause us to doubt others and ourselves, retreat from the world, and at worse become recluse and anti-social.  Some of this can be diagnosed as chemical imbalances or mental breakdowns and require medication and therapy, yet there are so many more instances of people being disappointed, hurt, betrayed by someone else or even feeling inadequate and having a self-loathing demeanor.  It is painful to think you are alone, no one cares, or everyone is against you, but do not let the pain fool you into thinking you do not have purpose or were not created for a purpose.  The greatest trick of the enemy is to make you believe you are inadequate, your life is irrelevant, and you have no worth.  The devil is a liar!  Discovering purpose breeds a renewed energy, it invigorates and revitalizes, the purpose in the pain is knowing that despite what the world my say or, you have confidence knowing that you were created on purpose for a purpose!  

Spiritual pain can possibly be the most devastating and dangerous because at this point you have lost hope and any reason for carrying on.  A pain such as this will not only cripple, but can possibly lead to internal and eternal condemnation.  To lose hope in life, in others, and self means you have given up and given into the pain.  The misnomer about pain that escapes us all is that pain is temporary!  It will not last forever nor will it always be painful, because the same thing that once caused you pain may very well be the same thing that elevates you to your purpose.  When you feel like quitting, don’t!  It is at that very moment when breakthrough happens, revelation takes place, and your are enriched and enlightened.  It is at the moment of last hope and desperation that we discover inner strength and realize that all the pain we endured was meant to strengthen and never to break us.  

On the mountaintop we get to bask in our achievements, but it is in the valleys where the lessons are truly learned.  It is in the pain that we discover what we are truly made of and also why we are experiencing the pain.  If you are willing to endure, to tarry just a little longer, I promise you that on the other side of pain, you will discover a greater purpose!  Do not get me wrong, pain is not fun and no matter the target, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, it hurts.  Just know that it is temporary.  If you just started exercising, at first it will hurt, there will be pain.  But if you continue and push through, inevitably you will see the desired results and the pain will dissipate.  No different when tackling emotional or spiritual pain.  Do not succumb… OVERCOME!

Anyone that is feeling the pains of life, please hang on!  Pain reminds us we are still alive, alerts us there is still fight left, is an alarm to the brain, heart, and thoughts, letting us know we are near our purpose.  Pain is no more than a prelude to finding purpose!  Do not believe me?  During childbirth, a woman suffers what may be the most excruciating pain of her life, her body literally being stretched and ripped apart, yet she endures the labor.  And if labor can be defined as physical or mental exertion, a painful or arduous work, especially one that is difficult and exhausting, cannot the birth of that child not be deemed purpose – the very reason why something is done, a determined, resolute outcome.  In other words, your labor is not in vain because what is birth was worth any pain!

Your pain is a divine right of passage through which you will be reborn as a being of strength, wisdom, and purpose.

~ Bryant McGill

I Am An Overcomer!

Humans of New YorkPosted @HumansOfNewYork is the story of a man who refused to settle.  It is one thing to know what you want out of life and a complete other to go after it with everything you have and without reservation or hesitation.  To achieve is good, but to overcome is inspiring.  Enjoy and know that you too are an overcomer!

“I was a maître d’ at a restaurant for thirteen years. But one week I got a really bad case of pneumonia that put me in the hospital. While I was lying in that hospital bed, I was thinking about how I really didn’t want to go back to work. Then that motivational speaker came on TV. You know– the one that has all those teeth in his mouth. And he said: ‘Think back to what made you happy when you were young! That’s what you should be doing!’ Well I grew up in the country, and I always had a lot of dogs, so I thought that nothing would make me happier than to be a dog walker. But I knew I needed to distinguish myself. So I decided to make a uniform. I smoked a joint and came up with this outfit. I wanted people to look at me and think: ‘If this man is walking our dog, and there’s some sort of major disaster, he’s going to survive. He’s going to fish for those dogs. He’s going to build a bunker and shelter those dogs until it’s safe to bring them home.’ After I finished the design, I got four of my friends to wear the uniform, and we borrowed all the neighbors’ dogs, and we walked them down 5th avenue while handing out business cards. I got five customers that first day.” 

I Am An Overcomer!

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Challenge

Life is one challenge after another and just when you think you have passed one test, here comes another.  Each challenge is meant to push you to the next level, to test your mental and physical acumen, and to help you grow and change. But are you ready for the challenge?

Truthfully, none of us are quite ready for the challenges we will face, but rest assured, each of us is properly equipped to handle them, even if we do not think so.  There is a plan and a purpose in the process and it is up to us to persist in order to prevail.  Every challenge is meant as a stepping stone for us to reach new heights, but in order to move up you have to be willing to take the first step and then not be afraid to continue the course.  No one started out on top.  Every professional was once an amateur and every expert started out as a novice.  So what makes you think it would be any different for you?  

Change is inevitable, but how you adapt to and apply what transpires makes all the difference.  Do not fear change, do not run from it, do not rebel against it.  Whether you can see it now or not, change is good and it is the only way we can progress and elevate our lives.  If it does not challenge you, it probably is not productive or progressive either.  Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

“Challenges are what make life interesting.  Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” ~ Joshua J. Marine

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Hostage

Matthew 5:44-45 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

BrotherWord - Warning


– For Mature, Open-Minded Individuals 

There will come a time in everyone’s life when you will have to make some tough choices and come to terms with harsh realities and it is at that moment when each of us will face the proverbial fork in the road.  Do you lash out and seek vengeance against those that wrongfully attempt to persecute you or do you handle them with grace and dignity?

Whatever the decision, remember it is a reflection of you and not the culprit.  One of the many truths about life is that you will not get along with everyone you encounter and as complicated as it may become, you may actually have to work with those you genuinely despise.  It can be a daunting task and one that requires restraint and tact, but it is a necessary evil.  There are many times and in various arenas when you will have to work side-by-side with people you do not like, do not care for, and would rather push off a cliff instead of sharing work space.  How you handle this moment can determine your success or failure.

Every action begets a counter action and if you choose retaliation, you are only dooming yourself.  It takes a bigger person to look beyond faults, accusations, and sabotage and see the bigger picture.  If you become too consumed with getting back at the person or causing them harm, you ultimately are doing yourself a disservice.  The greatest way to overcome your tormentor is to strive regardless of their attempt to ruin you at every turn.  Win with a smile and a determination to excel no matter what.  Nothing thwarts the plans of the enemy more than not allowing anything or anyone to slow you down, deter your course, or cause you to act of character.

True perseverance is going on no matter what and not stopping until you reach your goal, even if that means having to align with the very person who tried to destroy you.  Kill them with success and bury them with a smile!  You may have heard me say this before, but it is worth repeating.  You may not be able to control the actions of others, but you can always control your reaction.  That reaction is what separates the victors from the victims.  Which do you choose to be?

At the end of the day it is impossible to please everyone and to complicate matters more, there will be people who will dislike you and bring turmoil into your life for no other reason than they are not you and are jealous and envious.  How we handle these people and situations is our test and our opportunity to grow and demonstrate class, dignity, and maturity.  Do not let the actions of another dictate the outcome of your future.

“You will sleep much better when you don’t allow your anger to hold your peace hostage!” @ALewis713

But God…

BrotherWord - But God

How often have you been faced with what seemed to be insurmountable odds?  Or plagued with one setback after another?  What about times when you have no strength to muster, courage to pull from, or the will to carry on?  We all have faced that brick wall of despair where hope was lost and obstacles grew taller.  But God!

Grace and mercy are real and relevant and just as the aforementioned, how many more times can you say, but God!  I thought I was dead, but God.  I thought I would get evicted, but God.  I thought I was losing my mind, but God.  I thought my children were headed for destruction, but God.  I thought my marriage was doomed for failure, but God. I thought, I thought, I thought… BUT GOD!

Author @HerbertCooper pens his latest work entitled, #ButGod, and speaks directly about how the power of God changes everything!  A personal testimony about life’s twists, trials, and triumphs, Cooper expresses how “the BUT GOD moments come in and offer a new path and hope for our lives.  These moments occur when we are at are lowest, and turn our down-trodden worlds around for the better.  It is up to us to recognize and seize these moments when they occur and follow the renewed path God offers. The phrase is short, but the implications are huge. The path may look bleak, dim, and hopeless…BUT GOD changes everything!”

If you find yourself in a bleak, dim, or hopeless situation, I encourage you to look your situation square in the face and yell, BUT GOD!  Pick up Herbert Cooper’s book, But God and instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!

There are so many things in this world to be THANKFUL for, but on this THANKFUL Thursday, I’m most THANKFUL for the things that didn’t happen.  Sometimes a closed door is a blessing in disguise and a preemptive strike preventing a future disaster.

I’m THANKFUL for life’s mishaps and mistakes.  Because of them, I learned not only who I am, but what I can endure and overcome.  I’m THANKFUL for lost – lost jobs, lost people, and lost love. Losing a job makes you appreciate what you have, but also prepares you.  It forces you to grow beyond your comfort zone and stretch beyond what you thought you were capable of.  It also make you resourceful and innovative; you learn to do more with less.  Losing people makes you cherish those you have.  Life is too valuable to take for granted, too precious not to appreciate, and too valuable to waste.  Losing those closest to you will ensure that you learn to appreciate them while you can.  … and the greatest of these is love.  Despite the emotional and mental, sometimes even physical, pain associated with losing love, I am still THANKFUL.  Losing love taught me what it was to genuinely feel, to love unconditionally, to put others before me, to be vulnerable, and most importantly, that nothing in this world beats giving.  Is it better to love and lose or never love at all?  It is always better to love and lose and to experience all that love is and can be.  I may have lost love, but what I discovered will make it that much greater when it returns.

So THANKFUL that I learned that when I do fall, I also know how to get back up.  THANKFUL that no matter how dire the situation may seem, it’s never as bad as it could have been.  THANKFUL that sometimes in order to succeed, you have to learn what it is to fail; how else would you measure your success or know what it truly felt like.  I’m THANKFUL that can I share my mistakes and my lost with all so that they too can know it is not the end, but the beginning.

What have you learned through lost?  How has failure or setbacks strengthened you and made you better?  Share your triumph and how you overcame here or @BrotherWord with the hashtag #Thankful2Lose.


Motivational Monday

Time to Act Words on Clock - Ready for Action

THE TIME IS NOW!  If there is something you have been wanting to do, if there is a thought that has been monopolizing your every waking moment, if there is a dream that has captured your subconscious, it is time to act!  Tomorrow is not promised or guaranteed.  The time wasted second-guessing yourself or contemplating the what-ifs could instead be used moving into your destiny and purpose.

Do not let the naysayers or doubters convince you that it is not possible or you are incapable of achieving your heart’s desire.  Whatever that “it” is, it was birth in you for YOU and is not contingent on someone else’s beliefs or ideals.  Embrace the dream, let it permeate your being and ingrain in every fiber of your soul, and do not let fear overtake you or diminish your goals. 

It is said that FEAR is only false evidence appearing real.  What is most important is how we handle that false evidence.  Fear is a great springboard because it forces us out of our comfort zone, makes us confront our insecurities, and ourselves, and ignites our ability to withstand, overcome, and blossom beyond what we thought we were ever capable of handling.  Fear is nothing more than another test of Fortitude, Exhortation, Attitude, and Revelation. 

Today, right now, is the time to act!  Do not waste another moment overthinking or underestimating.  You have been ready and are more than capable.  Move into your destiny, chase life’s promises, and pursue your destiny with all you have.  You will be surprised how much you can accomplish by taking a single leap of faith and trusting no matter where you land, all will be well.

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!

The City They Tried to Forget…

There are simply some things in life you have no control over and despite every effort, cannot control.  8 years ago to the day, the city I love and cherish, my birthplace and stomping ground, was devastated and almost wiped from existence.  Touching down during the early morning hours, the storm flooded 80% of the city, destroying the levee system, and turned a vibrant city into wasteland.  The aftermath that ensued left many homeless, helpless, and hopeless.  What happened next was worse.


Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

The closer you get to the prize, the more challenges arise.  ~ BrotherWord

When you are motivated by your passion and pursuing your purpose, enemies near and far will begin to surface all around you.  Unforeseen and unimaginable challenges will spring up out of nowhere and how you react will determine the outcome and determine who wins.  No matter what, you can never succumb or give in.  It’s true, “what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.”  Every setback is a setup for a greater come up.  It’s cliché, and passé, but it’s a fact.  The experiences we have in life mold the character we exude.

Life will take you through ups and downs, but it also provides a seatbelt; strap in and hold on.  Sometimes the ride will be smooth and carefree; at other times it will be tumultuous and shake you to your core.  It is during both times, you have to remember why you started to begin with, where your passion lies, who will it serve, what can be accomplished by staying the course, and how it impacts not only yourself, but those you encounter.  And here’s a little secret… the bigger the blessing, the bigger the barrage.

Find motivation within, through others, and wherever it can be found.  It only takes a spark to reignite the fire and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you too can rise from the heat and soar high.  Believe in your dream, believe the impossible, believe that this too shall pass, and believe that you already possess everything you need to succeed.

The human spirit is fantastic, amazing, and immeasurable.  We see people surpass physical and mental limitations each day and the only difference is their will to win and desire to overcome.  Derek Clark is a prime example of such a  will and is a shining example of rising from the ashes… literally.  Take a minute to listen to the rapping dad and then dig a little deeper to see how far he’s come.  You’ll be astonished by what you discover and hopefully it will give you that extra incentive you’re seeking to light your fire.

Good fortune and bad are equally necessary to man, to fit him to meet the contingencies of this life.

~ French Proverb

Aspiring minds must sometimes sustain loss. ~ Plato

Adversity introduces a man to himself. ~ Anonymous

Lions, Bears, & Tigers – Oh My!

BrotherWord - Lion Bear Tiger... Oh My

In Locust Grove, Georgia at Noah’s Ark animal rescue sanctuary, the most unlikely of trios have found a home.  Leo the lion, Baloo, an American black bear, and Shere Kahn, a bengal tiger, cohabitate and live a playful life full of fun and harmony.


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