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Motivational Monday

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In 1994, Chicago based restaurant consultant, Allen H. Kelson, wrote an article entitled, The Ten Commandments for Menu Success, referring to food menu items.  Would if we applied some of those same principles to our everyday life and in our pursuit of accomplishing our dreams and goals, we had “commandments for everyday success?” Here are 5 life skills to finding success in all facets of life:

1.) Speak plainly.Speak those things as if they are. Have said it time and time again and I thoroughly believe and live by the mantra that our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions, our actions become our habits, our habits become our character, and our character becomes our destiny. Speak destiny over your life and remove negative thoughts, destructive actions, and anything that does personify a successful character. If you do speak positive into your life, why are you surprised when everything turns out negative?

2.) Say what is important. – Learn how to separate the important stuff from the frivolous. Do not get lost or distracted in the mundane, but instead focus on and put your energy to what is truly important. If it is not growing you, it is holding you back!

3.) Describe it completely.Write the vision and engrave it plainly on tablets, so that whoever reads it will run (takeoff). For the vision is yet for an appointed time, it hurries toward fulfillment, and will not fail. Though it may tarry, patiently wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Describe your vision completely from inception to fruition, plainly laying out every detail so that as you continue on your journey you have a tangible blueprint to follow, mile markers to achieve, and you never lose site of the ultimate goal.

4.) Less is more. – Do not try to overdo or complicate things. Many times the road less traveled carries with it less traffic and far few more complications. Do not make things more difficult or cumbersome. “That which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated than what is more complicated; simplicity is preferable to complexity; brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity.” ~ Ludwig Miles van der Rohe

5.) Maintain a sense of perspective. – Everyday will not be the same nor will it turn out exactly as planned. It is vital to keep the proper perspective and remember the big picture. Just because something may not turn out as exactly expected or there may be a setback or detour in direction does not mean you have failed or it is time to scrap the whole idea. Remember, He that began a good work in you will perfect it (carry it on to completion) and remind yourself that you are just as dedicated to achieving it! Do not let perspective betray your progress or tarnish your purpose.


Life Lessons

BrotherWord - Life Lessons

So often we make life more complicated than what it really is and exasperate the smallest of things blowing them out of proportion and causing more stress than necessary.  Life is filled with its own set of quirks and whether we cause it or not, it is filled with challenges that will test us in ways that are incomprehensible, unfathomable, and sometimes, overbearing.

Having a blueprint or gauge to measure things can help put life in a better perspective.  After being diagnosed with cancer at age 45, @ReginaBrett wrote down 45 life lessons that has gone viral.  Credited with being twice her age, she is actually 54 now, her words of wisdom have been a great tool to guide us through the ups and downs, triumphs and perils, and decisions and doubts that we face on a daily basis.  Her words are both poignant and powerful and hopefully they offer a road map that helps navigate the twists and turn we all will eventually face.  

Nothing beats experience and many of these life lessons come with actually living life, but often we can learn from others so that we too can avoid some of the same pitfalls.  Share with @BrotherWord here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram your favorite life lesson from the list and how it applies to your life.  There are many that are near and dear and I will share some throughout the day.  Enjoy and as #41 states, “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.”   (more…)

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