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Is the Grass Really Greener?

BrotherWord - The Grass Is Greener

Back with another stirring and insightful lyrical barrage is wordsmith @Raylee22.  How may times have thought or imagined that the “grass is greener” on the other side and fantasized about the what if?  Many of us have gotten caught up in what could be or what we think is a better opportunity only to be disappointed, regretting the rash decisions, and longing for what we once had.  We often become fixated on the mirage and lose sight of the oasis we are standing in.  Be careful in coveting what you think looks better, it could turn out being a desert wasteland!

The grass is always greener on the other side

Until you open your eyes and realize

That the ground you left behind

Only died because you left it unfertilized

It’ll only be a short amount of time before your “greener” begins to welter away

Luscious to lack luster

Because you don’t know how to nurture that rib He took from you

But gave back to you newly molded specially and specifically for you

Scared to admit it was a perfect fit

You began to eye-wonder

Looking for a new place to be

Wondering “Is that better for me”

Over-looking what you already had in search of something… something

Something Else

But don’t even know what else it could be

Trying to be a contortionist

Trying to get other things to fit

Failing repeatedly on your journey

Curious as to why none of your “grass” is flourishing

You make it back to where you started

Visually stimulated by the richness in scenery

Finally, realizing it was where you were supposed to be

But unbeknownst to you

That space in your torso

That was destined to be her home

Was vacant from her too long

Shape shifted and no longer fitting flawlessly

Eye-wondering again, but this time

Looking at what you left for what you thought could be ©

Social Media Shakedown


Social Media

Back with another socially impactful commentary, @Raylee22 drops her latest prose on the phenomenon, or in some cases, the destructive illusion known as social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media

 Like this stat
Like this pic
Like this lie
Like this trick…as in scheme, not chic
Keep face for the gram
I’m bout this way
I’m bout that life
15 seconds of what I want them to think it be like
Let me throw this shade
Behind this pic
That I stole from that cousin’s friend’s uncle’s niece’s best friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s sh*t….
Let me do it for the gram
Let me do it for the book
Let me do it for the lurkers
Let me do it for the likes
Let me look on
as I “sip this tea” and
Screenshot to repost
Clearly, not drinking what I claim to be
His C w/ your M
Your M w/ his W
These hoes ain’t loyal
These bros ain’t either
Subliminal stats like
At the Laundry mat
Hanging sh*t out to dry
Delete that stat,
Delete that pic
Even though, technically, its permanent
Use it as your biography
Getting mad at people’s commentary
Saying “don’t judge me”
But, um, you steady
Typing like it’s your diary????
Post it for the internet fame
Post it for the internet followers
Post it for the internet society
Forgetting that you can’t always hide behind your technology
SMH…Social Media Hell
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