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Ask BrotherWord – Not Satisfied

#AskBrotherWord - Not Satisfied


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Dear BrotherWord,

I’m in desperate need of some help.  My sex life is ruining my relationship.  I truly care for my boyfriend and other than our sex life, our relationship is pretty good.  But lately… When we first started dating it took awhile for us to become intimate.  Initially, I simply took it as him taking his time and was flattered that unlike other guys I dated, he was actually taking time getting to know me instead of trying to get in my pants.  The first time we had sex, two months after we began dating, it was straightforward, missionary, no foreplay, like how you would imagine what would happen on “Leave It To Beaver” if they showed a sex scene… BORING!  I chalked it up to him being nervous, again respectful of me, and next time he would loosen up and be more outgoing, adventurous, exciting.  Nothing.  Next time, almost 3 weeks later, same stale, conventional unsatisfying sex.  I gave it one more chance and got the same results.  I like this guy, but we are NOT sexually compatible.  It’s not like I’m trying to reinvent karma sutra, but I do like variety and spice in the bedroom.  Furthermore, when I’m in a relationship, I enjoy sex and want it often.  It’s to the point I’m avoiding my boyfriend and making excuses not to see him.  Worse, I’m pleasuring myself even though I’m in a relationship.  Defeats the purpose don’t you think?  If it doesn’t change soon, I don’t think it’s going to work out.  I may risk losing an otherwise great guy, but I can’t continue like this.  Help!

Not Satisfied



Permission or Protection

BrotherWord - Permission or Protection

The Boston School Committee is voting on whether or not it will expand its already active program of dispensing free condoms to all 32 schools in its system.  Already available in 19 high schools with on-campus health centers, students at Boston public high schools may be able to receive free condoms if they sit through a brief consultation on safe sex.



BrotherWord - Ask BrotherWord - SexingMyEx

Dear BrotherWord,

I’m caught up in a serious predicament and I don’t know how to stop or get myself out of it.  Since I broke up with my ex, I’ve remained single, not dating or any of the “perks” that come along with dating.  The problems arose when I ran into my ex at a coffee shop we both frequented and enjoyed together.  I really wasn’t expecting to see him there since he moved to another part of town after we split.  That initial jolt and shock of seeing him brought back a slew of emotions.  We separated amicably, so we sat down drinking our coffee and caught up on life.  Of course one thing led to another and next thing you know we’re back at my place (our old place) having sex.  This has reoccurred several times, 8 to be exact, over the past 3 months and every time we say that it’s not going to happen again, but it does.  We also know we broke up in the first place for legitimate reasons and we’re not going to get back together, but we’re still having sex.  How do I stop this and break apart for good?

Ex Sex


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