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3s Not a Crowd

BrotherWord - 3s a Crowd

Every marriage hits a speed bump and inevitably there is some sort of discord.  How do you get over the hump?  What if you cannot?  Sometimes, unfortunately, infidelity happens and affairs take place, but what happens when you leave your husband, fall in love with another man and then realize you miss your husband?


Sitting In a Glass House

BrotherWord - Sitting In a Glass House

Over the past few days, the country has been in a firestorm over the testimony of Rachel Jeantel, an African-American teen who was presumably the last person Trayvon Martin spoke with before his demise.  Ms. Jeantel account of that phone conversation has not only been dissected by the prosecution and the defense, but also scrutinized heavily by John Q. Public. The problem with all of it is that it’s ill-fated, malicious, degrading, and downright pathetic.


Lions, Bears, & Tigers – Oh My!

BrotherWord - Lion Bear Tiger... Oh My

In Locust Grove, Georgia at Noah’s Ark animal rescue sanctuary, the most unlikely of trios have found a home.  Leo the lion, Baloo, an American black bear, and Shere Kahn, a bengal tiger, cohabitate and live a playful life full of fun and harmony.


Violation of Rights or Justifiable Arrest – You Decide

Below is a video that presents several questions. The lines between civil liberties and abuse of power seem to get blurred more and more each day.  Police officers have a tremendous duty and the idea of protecting and serving the public often times comes down to split second decisions.  There is no room for hesitation or second guessing because every encounter literally may determine the life or death of the officer themselves or innocent bystanders.  Everyday an officer puts on their uniform they are sacrificing their life for the communities they serve.


When Is Change Good?

BrotherWord - Change is Good

In 2013, the notion of segregation and separatism seems farfetched and something more suited for 1913.  But in Wilcox, GA., the students at Wilcox County High School participated in the very first fully integrated prom this past weekend.  The first EVER in the school’s 40 year history!


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