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Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful

I’m THANKFUL for the son that rose to give me a brighter day,

For allowing the sun to set on what wasn’t for me so I go on my way.

I’m THANKFUL for the cross he carried for me and the burdens He bared,

For giving me parents that not only have structure and discipline, but genuinely cared.

I’m THANKFUL for my angels in heaven and here on earth,

For the ones who’ve recently entered my life and the ones that have protected me since birth.

I’m THANKFUL for the seasons of love and the moments of hurt,

Through gain and loss, trials and tribulations, I’ve discovered my worth.

I’m THANKFUL for pain, struggle, and defeat,

It was the only way I learned to pull myself up an get back on my feet.

I’m THANKFUL for those that left a mark, good or bad,

Without that experience I wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate all that I have.

I’m THANKFUL that life never promised to be easy or fair,

But always provided a way to rise above the deepest despair.

I’m THANKFUL for another day, another chance, another opportunity,
Life is too short to wait, to swift to delay;

I’m THANKFUL for my matriarch who led the charge and showed me the way,

She taught me as long as you follow God’s will, you’ll never be led astray.

I’m THANKFUL for those that questioned how I would or if I should,

They fueled the fire that gave me the strength and courage to know I could.

I’m THANKFUL for a sister’s love that surpassed any other example,

She is why I do what I do, my purpose personified, and her spirit I sample.

I’m THANKFUL for those that trust and believe I can be a source to better their lives,

The truth is, it’s already in you, we just have to work together to reach your ultimate prize.

I’m THANKFUL for this day and to be able to express my gratitude and appreciation,

I’ve learned that life is not about what you see, but how you see it and that’s my greatest realization.

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT) – Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

It is hard to be THANKFUL when the very fabric of civilization, decency, and common respect for human life is being torn apart day by day.  In this month alone we have witnessed the worse of humanity from police brutalizing minors to a massacre at a church.  It is no way to properly explain or even begin to rationalize these horrendous events.  I can only imagine the long-term trauma this may cause and the immediate ramifications, but even through it all, I remain THANKFUL.   (more…)

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - I Am Thankful

As I have watched events unfold this week I cannot help but be THANKFUL for God’s continued grace and mercy.  I am far from perfect or and have made plenty of mistakes and poor choices and yet here I am.  Death has come a knocking once again this week, taking loved ones from the tender age of six to those were afforded a bigger bite at life and transcend at eighty. One thing is for sure, neither one of their lives were in vain and the impact they made on others is far-reaching.  I am so THANKFUL for them being a part of my life and more importantly showing me the importance of truly living life.

It is said that grace is what we do not deserve nor could earn in any way.  It is not by something we did, something we deserved, or something we have any right to, but God saw fit to grant us grace.  Mercy on the other hand is what we do not get that we definitely earned and deserve.  In the same breath, thought, and action,  God gives the one (grace) and withholds the other (mercy) and I for one am so THANKFUL for His goodness.  I shutter to think where I would be without either and who I would be if not given the chance to repent for my wrongs and rectify my failures.

Today I am THANKFUL because unlike those whose assignment is complete, I have another opportunity to pass the test and complete the work that has been purposed for my life.  I am THANKFUL because I am not where I want to be, but I am far from where I was and I am excited about where I am heading.  I am THANKFUL because someone saw fit to give me another chance, to forgive me for my transgressions, and to help when I fell, and to support me along the way.  I am THANKFUL because I did not receive the penalties of my sins or inherit debts I could never repay.  I am THANKFUL for unwarranted, unmerited, undeserving, unrealistic, and unwavering grace and mercy.  I am THANKFUL because He loved me in spite of me!

BrotherWord - Grace

A thousand times I’ve failed still your mercy remains.  And should I stumble again, I’m caught in your grace.

God’s grace is immeasurable.  His mercy inexhaustible.  His peace inexpressible.

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful

There will be circumstances in life where there seems nothing is going right and no matter how much you try, you just cannot get a break.  But in all circumstances, still give thanks.  As hard as that may seem, even in the most dire of situations, there is still a silver lining.  Even if that silver lining is realizing that as long as you have breath in your body there is still a chance, that in itself is more than enough to be THANKFUL for.

Take life for what it is worth.  Do not put more on any situation than warranted and think less of things that require more attention.  Be THANKFUL for every bump and twist and every blessing.  What happens in life is less important than how you go through life.  THANKFUL is a mentality based on trust and understanding that everything we go through is temporary.

As the song reminds us, “It’ll be all over in the morning.”  Midnight, the darkest hour when hope is lost, despair sets in, and the outcome is bleak only lasts for a moment.  Matter of fact, midnight is all of 60 seconds and when that clock strikes 12:01am, midnight is over and now it is morning, a new day and new hope.  I am so THANKFUL for the morning, when life resets and, God willing, we all have a chance to try again.  Can you hold on for 60 seconds?  Be THANKFUL for it all because in every circumstance there is still hope and if you can hold on there will be another opportunity.


Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Ghandi

There is so much to be THANKFUL for and each day presents another chance to show appreciation, but nothing beats serving others and pouring into another person’s life.  Over the past few weeks I have been afforded the opportunity to share my life’s story and testimony and prayerfully, a word or two that made a positive impact.  It is one thing to speak before a crowd of people, but completely different to captivate their minds and hearts.

I am so THANKFUL for the blessing to be able to teach others, to give tools to combat anything that may plaque one’s spirit, and to share words that are life-changing and give a sense of peace and comfort.  It is a responsibility I do not take lightly or take for granted and one that is as transformative for me as it is for anyone I may encounter.  I am THANKFUL for being stretched beyond anything I imagined and above whatever I foresaw.  I am THANKFUL that instead of running from my purpose, I am now embracing it and growing because of it.  I am so THANKFUL that what I once thought was my path has blossomed into a garden I could not have planted on my own.  Robert Louis Stevenson is quoted as saying, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant,” and I am eternally THANKFUL for being allowed to plant good seeds and good soil.

I am THANKFUL that who I am and what I do makes a difference in ways that transcend time and has a value that you cannot put a price on.  I am THANKFUL for those that have poured into me and continue to walk alongside me during this journey.  But above all, I am THANKFUL for the smiles of revelation, the tears of breakthrough, and a quiet peace that surpasses heartache, disappointment, misunderstanding, rejection, or any past disappointments.  I am THANKFUL for discovery!

THANK YOU to BrotherWord’s Shining Stars in the picture below, many of which who will be graduating this month and continuing their education at colleges throughout the country.  THANK YOU for trusting me and believing in me as much as I believe in you.  THANK YOU to all who who tuned in, called in, and listened intently as we declared victory over our lives and remembered all that we have to be THANKFUL for despite what the world says.  I am THANKFUL for being able to serve and I THANK YOU for giving me that chance.

BrotherWord Shining Stars

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Memory

* Dedicated to the many who have passed and those of us who will forever miss them. *

Today I am THANKFUL for memories that never fade no matter how much time lapses in between.  I am THANKFUL for the time spent together even though I long for one more hour.  I am THANKFUL that even though I can no longer feel your touch, I will never forget what that touch feels like.  I am THANKFUL for the many treasures.

All of us at some point or another have experienced the passing of a loved one and if you have not, count yourself lucky and also know that each of us at some point will transcend from this plain.  From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and sunrise to sunset, no matter how prepared one thinks they are, there is no way to fully grasp that moment when life… simply stops.

When the tears begin to dry, the pain lessens, and the world gets quiet is when the reflection starts to happen.  That is what I am THANKFUL most for; those quiet moments, alone with thoughts and memories.  The same memories that can make you cry can also make you smile.  Missing that physical presence often leads to remembering those cerebral moments of laughter, happiness, and those unique encounters that only you shared.  I am THANKFUL that I was blessed with the time I was given.  Time is one of those things that waits for no one and you cannot retrieve after it is gone, so use it wisely and cherish each second for no man knows the day or the hour.

I am THANKFUL for my many angels and although that thought is sometimes debilitating, I rest assured that they are no linger suffering, in pain, or being affected by the ills of this world.  I am THANKFUL knowing they are at peace.  I am THANKFUL knowing they now watch over me daily and will and can move mountains on my behalf. I am THANKFUL that because of them, because of who they were, because of how they lived their lives, and because of how they loved me, I am the better for it.  I am THANKFUL that a legacy and tradition was established and now I have a blueprint to follow. I am THANKFUL most of all because God’s promise reigns supreme and I know when that day comes, we will be reunited once again.

So today I am THANKFUL for my predecessors, those that have gone on ahead of me and paved the way for me.  I am THANKFUL because of you and all that you were and are, I can still hold my head, look toward Heaven, and even when a tear falls, still smile.  Thank you for loving me and literally giving your lives for us all.  

“Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Matthew: 25:23 KJV)

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” ~ Author Unknown

Death is not the end.  Death can never be the end.  Death is the road.  Life is the traveler.  The soul is the guide.”

~ Sri Chinmoy

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Smile

So THANKFUL for the smile within that permeates to the outside.  The world did not give me my joy and it cannot take it away.  When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life you have a thousand reason to smile!  Times may be hard and circumstances may beat you down, but despite it all, just smile.  Smile through the pain, smile no matter the hardships, smile because this too shall pass, and smile because you are THANKFUL for it all.  Smiling is the one gift that both the giver and receiver share alike.  Take a moment to read the caption below and I guarantee when you reach the end, you cannot help but to smile.

“Smile.  Let everyone know that today, you’re stronger than you were yesterday.”

“Use your smile to change the world.  But don’t let this world change your smile.”

BrotherWord - The Value of a Smile

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thank You

There are days when life jumps up and shakes you to your core… and not always in the best way.  And throughout it all, how many can truly say they are THANKFUL for where they are in life?  Life is a hurry up and wait cycle and as a friend shared with me recently, being content with the here and now is a learned disposition that yields many rewards.

I recall stating, “Contentment breeds mediocrity,” but when that contentment is harnessed and is used as a ember to stoke the fire, it is a slow burn that will forever warm the urges to achieve and a bright light that will never dim.  A THANKFUL soul is one who understands how to be happy with what they have and not fixated on what they do not.  Being THANKFUL does not mean settling for less, but being grateful for the greatest of blessing and just as appreciative for the smallest ones.  THANKFUL means having an even temperament knowing that what is here today could be gone tomorrow and as bad as things may seem, tomorrow can also deliver the cure.  

THANKFUL in and out of season, through the ups and downs, good and bad, with or without.  I am THANKFUL because what others may see as a bare cabinet, I see as plenty of room to fill and grow!  Whether you see the glass half empty or half full, do not lose sight of the glass itself and the fact there is something in it at all.  

“Don’t cry because it is over; smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday

I am THANKFUL today for the things that push us, challenge us, force us to move out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown.  Recently I had a conversation in which I expressed, “contentment breeds mediocrity.”  If living life meant only pursuing the status quo or playing it safe, there would be no need for growth or discovery.  We would simply… exist.

I am THANKFUL because challenges are the beginning of enlightenment.  As a student, we were dared to flex our intellectual muscles and to think outside of the box.  As an athlete, you are asked to dig deep within and to push beyond what you thought was your limit.  In your career, you are tasked to take on not only your duties, but other duties as assigned and to be efficient and effective.  Throughout life, no matter the area, we each will be pushed and prodded to reach new levels.

I am THANKFUL because instead of settling, I accepted the challenge and despite the obstacle, doubts, fears, uncertainty, or lack of support, I am eager each day to discover something new and to learn more.  Do not be afraid of the unknown or shy away from difficulty.  The greatest achievements in life stemmed from the most strenuous of circumstances.  Anyone who has reached any pinnacle of success has come through struggle and has persevered past the challenges.  Very few have been handed immediate success, but many have fought to earn it.

I am THANKFUL for the people who challenge me to think introspectively, creatively, intellectually, and ethically, and morally.  I am THANKFUL for the challenges of life that force me to accept things I cannot change and work that much harder to change the things that I do have control over.  I am THANKFUL for lessons that teach and chastise and remind me that anything worth its salt is worth the effort to obtain it.  I am THANKFUL that I have the opportunity to achieve all my dreams as long as I willing to accept the challenge.

What are you THANKFUL for?  How have the challenges in your life shaped you?  Share your challenges and triumphs with BrotherWord here on on facebook/Brotherword or @BrotherWord with the #Thankful4Challenges.

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Comeback

Don’t Call It a Comeback
I am THANKFUL for the setback and let downs;
For those that did not support, turned their back, cursed my name and thought I wouldn’t rebound! THANK… YOU!
I am THANKFUL for the dreams that didn’t come true and fizzled out;
It made room for bigger dreams, a more vivid scene, wider screens to build my esteem, and reminded me I never have to doubt.
I am THANKFUL that what’s for me is for me and no devil in hell, or here on earth, can take that away;
I stand firmly on my conviction, I’m going to hold down my position, because my joy didn’t come from you and here is where I plan to stay.
So when things don’t go my way and the dream is deferred,
I am reminded that delay is not denial and it was His promise I heard.
No need for sorrow, a pity party, or trying to pass blame; Win, lose, or draw, it’s all part of the game.
Win some, lose some, sometimes it’s a tie;
But one thing is for sure, you have to be in it to win it and a setback or let down will not make me quit or cause my spirit to die.
Matter of fact, it’s fuel for the fire;
If you thought one monkey stopped the show, watch me go higher.
You might throw a wrench in the plan, sabotage me at every turn, put stumbling blocks out to see me fall;
But don’t you know the more I fall, the stronger I get, the wiser I become cause what you meant for evil, He uses for good and last time I checked the count on what He uses encompasses ALL!
Again, I am THANKFUL for the setbacks and the let downs;
Catch me on the flip side, I just might let you hold my crown!  ©
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