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Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - The Promise

As the world witnessed yesterday, when preparation meets the promise, championship moments are birth!  Malcolm Butler went from an unknown and undrafted free agent to Super Bowl XLIX hero.  With one phenomenal play, Butler went from mediocrity to stardom.  Many may think it was luck or just something that happened, but it is a great demonstration of how you when you properly prepare you are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Moral of the story – you have to be ready whenever the chance presents itself.  Life will give you a chance to become a star, but you have to be ready to take full advantage.  Whatever it may be that you are seeking to accomplish, train, work, study, go above and beyond to assure that when the time comes, it is nothing new or that catches you off guard.  Butler was able to make such a fantastic play because there was no hesitation.  He had seen the formation before because he had studied the film; he was in position because he had put in the work; he was able to make the play because he had trained.  What are you doing?

No one can predict when the moment will occur, but everyone can attest that they do not come often and when they do, if you are not ready to capitalize, you may have missed your best shot.  Remember, a dream without a goal is just a wish and a vision without a plan is just a dream.  You have to know where you are going and devise and work the plan to get there.  Preparation is the cornerstone for progress and prosperity.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. ~ Robert H. Schuller

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. ~ Arthur Ashe

Motivational Post

BrotherWord - Look in the Mirror

Who you see is who you will be. ~ BrotherWord

Vision without action is no more than a dream.  Dreams are the beginning of aspirations, illuminating, invigorating, a oftentimes, inspiring.  However, a dream that is not followed by work shall forever remain dormant.  Dreams are important, but vision is vital.  Think of your vision as your blueprint to your destiny and it all revolves around how you see yourself.

Vision is cast as we live in the moment.  Sounds crazy, a bit off doesn’t it?  How do I prepare for the future and thrive in the present at the same time?  How am I supposed to plan for tomorrow if I am supposed to concentrate and focus on today.  Think of it as a road trip.  You know your destination, where you are trying to get to, but how to get there is the key.  Like a map, so is your life.  Devise a plan, anticipate roadblocks and traffic, navigate the roads, look both ways, stay alert, and pray for traveling grace.  In order to reach your destination, you first have to get into your vehicle (live the dream); start the engine (become fired up about the possibilities); buckle up (the road may get rough and there will be setbacks along the way); make sure the tank is full (pour into your dream and surround yourself with a team that will pour into you as well); and finally, began to accelerate (get moving and start making strives toward accomplishing all you have set out to achieve).  In no time, you will reach your destination.

The subconscious is the mirror to the soul and the eyes are its windows.  How you see yourself, how you perceive your worth and purpose, will ultimately determine if you reach your destination.  We already know that everyone may not align with, support, or last as we make our journey, but we can never forget who we are or why we are doing it.  If your subconscious is the mirror, be willing to look within, search your soul for clarity, direction, and courage, and know without a shadow of a doubt that the only person who can steer the course of your life, is the one staring back at you in the mirror.  Be willing to dig deep and pull out your best!  Let your eyes be the windows to opportunity, open and inviting, and the barriers to block anything unwanted and undesired.  But don’t be deceived either by what you see.  Remember the grass is not always as green as it may appear and there are no shortcuts despite how enticing either may seem.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  Remain faithful that your vision will come to fruition.  Who you see is who you will be and when your vision aligns with your work ethic, the reflection will be a magnificent sight to behold.

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Serenity

There are times when you have to know when to regroup and/or walk away.  It is one of the hardest decisions and no matter what the circumstances or situation, it is never easy to look at something you have invested blood, sweat, and tears in and imagine it may have run its course and now it is time to cut ties.

Despite how difficult it may seem, it takes a wise person who understands that emotional ties are not enough to continue down a path to nowhere or worse yet, a path of destruction.  Continuing a journey that has no destiny is as damaging, if not more damaging, than a poor plan.  A poor plan is bound to fail because the preparation was never there.  But continuing when you no there is little to no chance of success is a waste of time, effort and resources, and prevents you from revamping, recollecting, and restarting.  Why waste more time when that season has expired?

We all must possess a sense of serenity and clarity to know when to accept fate.  It does not mean we have surrendered or given up, but it is a measure of maturity to realize that not everything can be salvaged or fixed.  Somethings are meant to be a lesson to prepare us for the next season and the next phase of life and we have to be courageous enough to learn the lesson and let go those things that do not benefit the ultimate goals.  There are many roads to destiny and just because one road ends and another has roadblocks, it does not mean the journey is over.

Be courageous enough to persevere through the storms, but wise enough to know when to take shelter.  The thing about dreams are they show the grand finale, but very few times do they show all it takes to get there.  Vision is the manifestation of the dream,  a realistic, attainable goal.  Your wisdom is what will determine if it remains simply a dream, something you fantasize about, or develops and builds into a vision, a culmination of proper planning and preparation, hard, dedicated work, and intelligent and practical choices.

The wise live to fight another day, but the foolish continue to follow a dead end to certain peril and doom.  Give yourself permission to walk away from anything or anyone who does not factor in your growth or prosperity.  It is better to cut a parasite out instead of letting it consume and destroy all!  Be wise my friend!


Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

Success only comes through perspiration.  It’s a byproduct of the effort your willing to give which is only matched by the will you have to succeed.  You are what you believe you are and despite what anyone may say, any obstacles that may arise, any setbacks or difficulties, you are the captain of your destiny.  Today I challenge you to challenge yourself; reach deep within and explore parts of yourself that have been dormant or you thought was nonexistent. To succeed is to overcome and you already possess every tool you need.



Motivational Mondays

BrotherWord - Motivational Mondays

Your Dream is only as good as the work you’re willing to put in to bring it from a vision to a reality.  Dreams are great.  They allow us to wonder and fantasize about the unknown, but it’s only when we seize the moment that we truly gain all that is offered.  Dream as big as your mind will allow and work doubly hard to make those dreams come true.  It’s when we see the fruit of our labor that we realize the potential we possess.  #TeamDream

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu

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