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Thankful Thursdays

BrotherWord - Thankful

“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed just make your absence felt.” ~ Unknown

THANKFUL today for purpose, for not only discovering that purpose, but having the courage to pursue and no longer run from it.  Purpose can be a scary and tricky thing, but rest assured, it is a divine order and when you chase your purpose you discover your truest self and fulfill your every dream.  Tell me that isn’t something to be THANKFUL for!

Challenging each of you to discover your purpose, what you have been designed and built for and then go after it with everything in you.  You owe it to yourself to live out your dreams and live life to the fullest and ultimately, to be happy and THANKFUL for all that comes along with a life lived on purpose.

It is a double entendre when you really think about it.  If you are living a life on purpose then you are (1.) living the life you were destined to achieve and what was meant for you since conception; and (2.) if you are living your life on purpose, you are intentionally making strives towards greatness, to discovering what life has to offer, and making a concerted effort to be all that you are supposed to be.  Again, is a purpose driven life not something to be THANKFUL for!

Let your purpose in life define you and not life define your purpose.  What you do in this world should make an impact, leave a mark, change at least one life for the better, and someone should be that more THANKFUL for having known you.  Purpose can have three different meanings – to do something with determination, to have an aim or goal, or having a function, role or use.  As you continue to live your life on purpose, it should encompass them all.  Be determined to reach your goals as you aim for greatness while being used to enrich the lives of others.

Be THANKFUL for your purpose and watch everything around you blossom.

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday


noun \ˈpər-pəs\

: the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something

: the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something

: the aim or goal of a person : what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

: the object toward which one strives or for which something exists


Each person is created with a purpose, but it is up to each individual to accept their purpose.  Purpose provides clarity  and direction and is essential to discovering one’s self.  Ever wonder why some things come easier than others, why you’re drawn to certain aspects of life, why you become fixated?  It is because your purpose is screaming to come alive and merge with your passion.

Take the time to develop your passion.  It will guide you in the direction your life has been destined.  The passion that boils deep within is the beginning of discovery, declaration, and determination.  Discover what you’re good at, what peeks your interest.  Declare to be the best you can be at it and don’t let anything or anyone discourage or deter you. Be determined that no matter what, you will see it to the end.

Today is the day that you embrace your purpose and live out your destiny!

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