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The Road to Thankfulness

The Road To A Thankful Life Begins Here With Master Life Coach, Larry M. Moore.

Larry M. Moore, affectionately known as “BrotherWord,” is the Professor of Positivity, Productivity, and Possibilities. Having a  purpose and passion to teach, inspire, encourage, and coach individuals and groups on their path to a place of Thankfulness, Larry helps answer the questions, “How did I get here,” “Where do I want to go,” and “What will it take to get there?”

The More You Think, The More You Thank

8 week transformational course determined to shift how you think, remove any obstacles that may block your peace and tranquility, and give you tools and tactics to sustain a thankful existence.
Transformational & Inspirational Speaker Larry M. Moore, affectionately referred to as “BrotherWord,” is an energetic keynote speaker with a captivating and inspiring message. Leaving audiences with tools to improve communication, performance, and their overall mental and emotional state, he is hight sought after.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • The More You Think, The More You Thank
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Be Great
  • The Power of Words: Effective and Empowering Communication
  • Change Starts In the Mirror
  • Want To Be Heard? Start Listening.
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What My Clients Say

"Mr. Moore has a capacity to understand, articulate and dispense wisdom on/in real life situations that lets me know that God is with him. His uncanny knack to reach individuals, young and old, to create and influence positive changes in their life, is astounding."
Deborah C
"The words of Larry Moore have altered my life. He has encouraged my creativity and inspired me to stay committed to my dreams, regardless of my age, lack of results and doubts. He is a gifted mentor and coach for the young, as well as for some of us old folks."
Peter H

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"Larry is one of the most genuine and empathetic people I have ever met and he has proven a great resource to me in adjusting to recent personal and professional changes. It is challenging to do Larry justice in writing, as he is even more impressive in person."
Emery M

Personal Mastery

Through Personal Mastery, you’ll learn how to overcome any obstacle standing between you and what you want… even if you feel like you’ve tried everything and still don’t have the answers.

Coaching And Training

Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. I met my first coach at 23 and it dramatically changed the course of my life, putting me on the path to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels.


Group Coaching With Master Transformation and Wellness Coach, Larry M. Moore

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The Road To A Thankful Life Begins Here With Master Life Coach, Larry M. Moore.
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