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Larry M. “BrotherWord” Moore

Live Your Most Thankful Life With Life-Appreciation Coach, Larry M. Moore. Larry is the Owner/Founder of BrotherWord, a dynamic keynote speaker, master life and performance coach, engaging and entertaining podcast and TV host, and enlightening and empowering author/blogger who is committed to guiding people and organizations into their highest potential. Larry is passionate about helping others refocus their energy and attention from the common ails of life to the vast possibilities of the future through messages of thankfulness. After being inspired by his own unexpected challenges and experiences, Larry has realized his journey was indeed his destination and epitomizes and instills the notion that through positivity comes productivity with endless possibilities!

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Deborah C.
Deborah C.

"Mr. Moore has a capacity to understand, articulate and dispense wisdom on/in real life situations let me know that God is with him. His uncanny knack to reach individuals, young and old, to create and influence positive changes in their life is astounding."

Peter H.
Peter H.

"The words of Larry Moore have altered my life. He has encouraged my creativity and inspired me to stay committed to my dreams, regardless of my age, lack of results and doubts. He is a gifted mentor for the young, as well as for some of us old folks."

Emery M.
Emery M.

"Larry is one of the most genuine and empathetic people I have ever met and he has proven a great resource to me in adjusting to recent personal and professional changes. It is challenging to do Larry justice in writing, as he is even more impressive in person."

Richard G.
Richard G.

"Larry Moore is an inspiration because he always seems to put a smile on the face of
everyone in his presence. He
further inspires me with his
charitable spirit. Following his lead, he makes me want to
give more of my time and
resources as he does. He is
a positive force on those who
he encounters."

Sarah E.
Sarah E.

"I met Larry during one of the
most painful periods of my
life, the loss of my daughter.
He stepped in with compassion, love and support. I pray that he
continues to be blessed and
be a blessing to all he

Amanda R.
Amanda R.

"You have selflessly given of your time to help me through one of the most difficult years of my life without any judgment and with words of encouragement. You gave me the necessary tools that have inspired me to go on and your words of wisdom and encouragement have renewed my sense of faith and self. I feel like a new woman and I would have not gotten where I am today without you, your kind words, and coaching. You have inspired me to believe in myself again."

Brad W.
Brad W.

"Larry has assisted me with many life issues. He always provides sound advice, with life application. Much of his advice has done just as he stated - inspired, comforted, motivated. Thanks for taking the time to help me and so many others."

What We Can Do For You


The More You Think, The More Your Thank - 8 week transformational course determined to shift how you think, remove any obstacles that may block your peace and tranquility, and give you the tools and tactics to sustain a thankful existence.

Public Speaking

Larry M. Moore is an energetic keynote speaker with a captivating and unique point of view. Leaving audiences with tools to improve communication, performance, and their overall mental and emotional state, he is widely sought after.
Keynote Topics Include:
- The More You Think, The More You Thank
- Don't Be Afraid To be Great
- The Power of Words: Effective and Empowering Communication
- Change Starts In the Mirror
- Want To be Heard? Start Listening

1:1 Consultation

Are you feeling lost? Struggling with peace of mind, body, and spirit? Do you have a plan for the next phase of your life? If you are craving the knowledge and tools to find your place of thankfulness, here is the place to begin. If you felt like you’ve tried everything (books, retreats, other coaching, therapy) but you’re right back where you started, then you will find the change and freedom you desire through our work together.

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