“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.”

– Clayton Christensen, economist and Harvard professor

Larry M.

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.

Larry M. Moore, affectionately known as “BrotherWord,” is the Professor of Positivity, Productivity, and Possibilities. Having a  purpose and passion to teach, inspire, encourage, and coach individuals and groups on their path to a place of Thankfulness, Larry helps answer the questions, “How did I get here,” “Where do I want to go,” and “What will it take to get there?”
Influenced by life’s most tragic and debilitating events, death, divorce, destruction, Larry has used personal experiences and academia to formulate the tools and principles to effect lasting change and growth for countless clients. A Certified Master Wellness and Transformational Life Coach with degrees and certifications in public administration, psychology, effective communication, conflict resolution, mediation, professional development, and goal success. Today, BrotherWord is helping people actualize their dreams, attain their aspirations, and utilize the fullness of their potential to obtain amazing and transformative success. More than a career, this is a calling for Larry and one he is eager and excited to share with those willing to release what is broken, build upon what enriches, and strive towards personal greatness. Appearing as an expert and featured on Huffpost, Fox, Real Times Media, GalTime, Deseret News, BMWK, KCOH TV, SOS Enrichment, Inc., and on various local radio and television shows and in several school districts, Larry shares weekly nuggets of inspiration and thankfulness on his social media platforms, offers an online course, hosts a membership community, works privately with clients, provides seminars, and serves as host and panelist for events.


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