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#AskBrotherWord – Alone

BrotherWord - Alone

Dear BrotherWord,

I’ve been wrestling with this for awhile and I don’t know what is worse – to be alone or to feel alone in a relationship.  Currently I am in a relationship and I feel more alone than when I was by myself.  I used to think that once I found the right person, it would fill some of the void I was feeling and the loneliness of being alone and having to experience life alone would somehow diminish.  Sad part, I feel more alone now than ever.  I have no idea what to do.  Do I try to tough it out or go back to isolation and loneliness?  Either way leaves me right where I am now… ALONE. (more…)

#AskBrotherWord – Together Alone

#AskBrotherWord - Together Alone


Really not sure what to do.  I don’t want to be labeled as the cheating husband, but what do you do when your needs aren’t met at home.  And I’m not talking about physical needs, not to say that isn’t a problem too, but the connection on a mental and emotional level it takes to sustain a relationship.  I love my wife, but she stopped being my wife long ago.  She’s wrapped up in herself, the kids, her job, her family, her friends, and everything else but me and our marriage.  I’m tired of being taken for granted and neglected.  The saying is true, whatever is missing at home can be found elsewhere, and I’m beginning to look elsewhere.  Please help before this gets too far out of hand.


Together Alone (more…)

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