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Thankful Thursday – World Gratitude Day

Today is World Gratitude Day!  I am beyond excited to watch the world take a moment to express gratitude to each other.  We all often become consumed by the daily grind, trying to cram all we can into twenty-four hours and finding ourselves overwhelmed with deadlines, responsibilities, tasks, the whims of others, and our own personal needs.  Whew… that is a lot just thinking about it.  But today, let’s take a moment to just be grateful for the here and now, the sun rising, the roof over our head, the family and friends in our lives, the jobs we have, things as simple as the breathe in our lungs and the shining of the sun on our face.  You have often heard me say, The More You Think, The More You Thank© and especially on #WorldGratitudeDay, take the time to think about all the things you can be thankful for.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to celebrate World Gratitude Day… and every day:

1.)  Put on your favorite song this morning and sing along with it out loud and dance like there is no tomorrow.  You’ll be surprised how giddy you will feel and invigorating it is to be free and enjoying the moment.

2.) List {BrotherWord – Gratitude Day}10 things you are grateful for and write them out.  Do not over think it, but write the first ten things that come to mind.  After writing them out, place the list somewhere you can see it all day.  Writing your grateful items out will help you to realize the blessings in your life and viewing them throughout the day is a great reminder and anecdote if the day becomes a little hectic.

3.) Reach out to your circle and let them know how grateful you are for them.  It is nothing like being appreciated and acknowledged; it boosts the energy of the receiver and comforts the giver.  It is a kinetic enlightenment that is contagious and transformative.

4.) Do one thing for yourself today that you have been meaning to do and have been putting off.  Nothing major, just a simple gesture.  Start reading that book, go to the gym, cook that dish, call that friend you have been meaning to check on, take a bubble bath, simply take a moment to pamper yourself and accomplish a personal goal.  Take a quiet moment to read and reflect on a devotional or meditate in silence concentrating on your breathing as you inhale and exhale and calming your inner being.  Being grateful also means caring for yourself and embracing life to the fullest, even in the simplest of ways.

5.) Touch someone in the community and remind them too that there are many things which we can be grateful for.  Especially in light of the recent hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and now Maria, many are still suffering and recovering, and any ray of hope and happiness can do a wonder of good.  Share your gratitude by helping those in need, volunteering at a shelter or food bank, helping clean a home or neighborhood, or just being kind to a complete stranger for nothing more than the sake of being kind.  FYI: Hugs and thank yous can lift the spirit in unbelievable ways.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to celebrate World Gratitude Day and start great habits for everyday.  A grateful heart is one that remembers and celebrates, it heals and consoles, and is thankful for it all.  Be Great-Full Today!

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. ~ Cicero

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Happy Thanksgiving

I’m THANKFUL for the son that rose to give me a brighter day,
For allowing the sun to set on what wasn’t for me so I could go on my way.
I’m THANKFUL for the cross he carried for me and the burdens He bared,
For giving me parents that not only taught structure and discipline, but also genuinely
I’m THANKFUL for my angels in Heaven and here on Earth,
For the ones who’ve recently entered my life and the ones that have protected me since
I’m THANKFUL for the seasons of love and the moments of hurt,
Through gain and loss, trials and tribulations, I’ve discovered my worth.
I’m THANKFUL for pain, struggle, and defeat,
It was the only way I learned to pull myself up and get back on my feet.
I’m THANKFUL for those that left a mark, good or bad,
Without that experience I wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate all that I have.
I’m THANKFUL that life never promised to be easy or fair,
But always provided a way to rise above the deepest despair.
I’m THANKFUL for another day, another chance, another opportunity,
Life is too short to wait, to swift to delay, and too precious to let the ills of the world
consume me.
I’m THANKFUL for my matriarch, my grandmother, who led the charge and showed
me the way,
She taught me as long as you follow God’s will, you will never be led astray.
I’m THANKFUL for those that questioned how I would or even if I should,
They fueled the fire that gave me the strength and courage to know that I could.
I’m THANKFUL for a sister’s love that surpasses any other example,
She is why I do what I do, my purpose personified, and her spirit I sample.
I’m THANKFUL for those that trust and believe I can be a source to better their lives,
The truth is, it’s already in you; we just have to work together to reach your ultimate
I’m THANKFUL for this day and to be able to express my gratitude and appreciation,
I’ve learned that life is not about what you see, but how you see it, and that’s my
greatest realization. ©
Happy Thanksgiving 2013 ~ BrotherWord
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