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The Light

BrotherWord - The Light

There is something about how music and how it moves people.  Growing up in a house full of beautiful sounds blasting from the stereo, my appreciation for how music tames the savage beast, caresses the soul, and puts a pin in time holds forever marking the moment, is still true to this day.  An advent listener of all genres, I firmly believe good music is good music.  The message in the song can change minds and hearts and can make a difference where nothing else could and everything else failed.  It can put a baby to sleep, quiet a riot, dry tears or cause them to flow uncontrollably, or put a smile on your face like no other.

I am huge rap fan.  It is a genre I grew up on and admire and the art of words, wordplay, and metaphors still amazes me.  The genre has taken its hits and I’ll be the first to admit that it is watered down and does not make the impact it once did, but every now and then, there is a shining light that reminds me why I fell in love with it to begin with.  @Lecrae is one of those shining lights.  Where many get caught in him being a Christian rapper, they quickly learn he is a lyricist supreme!  Put him against any wordsmith and he is sure to hold his own, crush the competition, and leave the mic on fire!  More importantly, he remains true to himself and his purpose and calling.  Having the ear of the people is a huge responsibility and delivering a message that uplifts is not a simple task.  I appreciate that Lecrae uses his talent to push positivity and not continue to perpetuate the ills of society.

Take a few minutes to appreciate true hip hop brought back to the original essence and purest purpose – to uplift.  Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to some, and reacquaint with others, @Lecrae!  Be on the look out for the new album, Anomaly, dropping on September 9!

Searching For Him

BrotherWord - Searching For Him

One of BrotherWord’s loyal followers – @gmilliboo – submitted an article in regards to Head of Household.  Tobi Atte’s Christian perspective on dating and women’s pursuit of finding a mate is refreshing and thought-provoking.  As he points out, searching for him greatly depends on the mindset you start out with.  Take a moment to read this insightful article and let @BrotherWord and @ijustmetme know your thoughts. (more…)

Who Knows You’re a Christian?

Came across this powerful spoken word artist and his take on being an active Christian.  Great way to open dialogue and start Sunday morning.  Enjoy and let BrotherWord know what you think.

Jumping In Place

Brother Word,

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 ½ years and although we’ve spoken about marriage, she doesn’t really seem to want to get married.  Both of us have parents that have been divorced, friends that have been divorced, and marriage just doesn’t seem that important anymore.  I on the other hand seek to be married, but my girlfriend is content with us simply living together.   She doesn’t see how being married would be any different or what it would change.  Should I continue like this or forgo the relationship and the woman I love?


Jumping In Place


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