U, Me and We

An evolutionary journey from traditional to radical and everywhere in between focusing on U, Me and We. As individuals and as couples, our experiences, perspectives, and desires shape who we are and what we seek. Once our paths cross and we begin to mingle, the challenges, the adventures, and the real fun begins! Without Adam and Eve, none of us would come to be, so here’s to a thought-provoking, open and honest, inspirational and revealing conversation about U, Me and We.


        When did self-satisfaction become paramount over self-dignity, self-respect, and the sanctity of marriage and relationships?  USA Network’s new show Satisfaction depicts the story a married couple who have become complacent and distant in their marriage.  He is an over-worked investor who is questioning his purpose in life while barely spending anytime with his …

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She Speaks

Here is a PSA for my gentleman.  Over the past few weeks, several ladies have reached out to BrotherWord asking why can’t their men love them like they desire.  My initial question for each of them was “what exactly are you expecting that is not being fulfilled,” and as if it was a sorority pledge …

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