1 True Love

BrotherWord - 1 True Love

Reflecting on this week of the #LoveRequiem movement, I’m resurrecting a poem I wrote many years ago.  Hope you enjoy!

1 True Love

When I first met you I was so infatuated, captivated, stimulated,

Being in your presence again is what I anticipated.

The more we talked, the more I learned,

The longer we were apart, the more I yearned.

The more we were together,

The more I thought, this could be forever.

Your style, your grace, your intellect had me intrigued,

Your versatility, your charisma, your aura filled a need.

It was more than a desire, more than lust

You filled the void I was missing, you became the one I trust.

Sometimes I get so lost just listening to and envisioning your words,

The trips you take me on, the images you conjured up are so superb.

Your presence, your style, the way you move, mere words cannot describe,

The way you command and captivate an audience, let’s just call it worldwide.

But it was more than flashing lights, parties, and good times,

Sometimes you would get so deep, drop a message and make me want to rewind.

Rewind back to a time when it was just me and you,

A hot summer day or stroll under the midnight hue.

A time when it was simple, fun, not so many distractions,

When it wasn’t about the glitz, the glamour, the attractions.

Back then we didn’t fuss over who went first or who got the last,

Let bygones be bygones and left the past in the past.

Never was an issue over money & bills,

Just us against the world making it bend to our will.

When we first started, it was innocent and fun,

More about self-expression, learning one another, becoming one.

And even when we didn’t see eye to eye or things felt like they were coming to an end,

I knew no matter what, you would always be my lover and my friend.

No distance or separation could sever our ties or tear us apart,

Whether you’re on the west and I’m on the east, you’ll always remain in my heart.

You bring tears to my eyes and put a smile on my face,

Light up the sky and make all the hurt dissipate.

The greatest of these is love and when I hear you, I know what God meant,

He loves me so much, in you, an angel He sent.

The love we share defies logic, transcends imaginations, evolves, and achieves,

Take one look, one listen, one touch, you too will believe.

You are clairvoyant, mysterious, rambunctious, righteous, and versatile,

But for me, you are bliss personified, love embodied, you make my heart smile.

No matter the tribulation, despite the trials, or on the verge of defeat,

A simple whisper from your lips lifts me back on my feet.

You are my strength and peace during the storm,

My comfort at night, what keeps me warm.

The dream-shaper, the mind-stimulator, the fire in my soul,

When I am with you is when I feel whole.

I close my eyes, envision your beauty, a creature so divine,

There is no comparison, no substitute, simply sublime.

With you, I am more than a conqueror, I feel immortal,

You are a window to a new world, my love portal.

The right word at the right time, the answer to prayers,

When all else fails, I can turn to you and share.

Share my hopes, aspirations, and fears,

Knowing you will have the right words to make it all clear.

Where would I be without you, what would I do,

At the end of the day, our love will always remain true,

Music… I love you. ©

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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