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For any of us to be happy in any relationship, we first must be happy with ourselves.  Same rings true in love.  In order to receive or give love, we first must be able to love ourselves.  Loving ourselves is a phenomenal epiphany that happens over the course of lifetime and formulates as we begin to accept who we are, wonderfully and perfectly made in God’s image.

But what happens when loving ourselves becomes convoluted and blown out of proportion?  One Houston woman took loving thyself to another level and wait for it… married herself!  40 year old, Yasmin Eleby, made a promise to herself that if she had not found a suitable mate by the age of forty she would marry herself and earlier this month she did exactly that with the accompanying honeymoon.  See the article below which talks about and shows pictures from the elaborate wedding.

The conundrum is not the fact that she loves herself, but the lengths in which she went to express that.  How much is too much and what message is she really sending?  Furthermore, the multitude of people who participated and attended, was it healthy or productive that they are encouraging such behavior?  Eleby is correct in demonstrating that one must love themselves for who they are and in all their glory, but I have to disagree with the form of expression.

Not the first to pull off this feat, it is a mockery of the institution of marriage and all it stands for and also diminishes the theory that loving one’s self does not require making a grand announcement or spectacle.  To love oneself, all that is needed is self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.  In addition, to love thyself is a personal affirmation, not a public proclamation.  What is empowering and encouraging is knowing that even alone, I am still happy, I am just as great, I do not need someone to complete my life because I am whole, and I love myself no matter what.  How many times have you heard someone proclaiming, “I love myself.”  Not very often because it is not required or necessary.

If you want to express the love you have for yourself, simply do that.  Take pride in who you are, build the life you aspire to have, and take responsibility for your own happiness.  It does not require a lavish ceremony or a public display, but merely a look in the mirror as a reminder of how thankful you are for the life you have.

Do you think the solo wedding was too much or appropriate?  Would you marry yourself?  Let @BrotherWord know what you think and make sure to leave a comment here or at Twitter – @BrotherWord or

“Love yourself… Accept yourself… Forgive yourself, and be good to yourself.  Because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia

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