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Here is a PSA for my gentleman.  Over the past few weeks, several ladies have reached out to BrotherWord asking why can’t their men love them like they desire.  My initial question for each of them was “what exactly are you expecting that is not being fulfilled,” and as if it was a sorority pledge or an anthem, each lady was seeking the same.  So here are 5 tips for my guys to help you in your relationship and to also make sure when she speaks, she is being heard.

5 Tips to a Happier Her:

1.) Every woman is seeking that one man to sweep her off her feet and love her like no other.  The challenge is to  sustain that euphoria and make her fall in love over and over everyday.  Easiest way to accomplish that is to actively pursue her as you did in the beginning.  Flowers, date night, surprises, love notes, and shower her with affection.  It doesn’t matter how old you get or how long you’ve been together, every woman wants to still experience “butterflies” when she see her man, hears his voice, or merely thinks of him.

2.) Relationships change over time, as do those involved in the relationship.  Life gets complicated and responsibilities increase.  Just as important as showing her she is loved, it is doubly important to show her she is appreciated.  Holding down a career, motherhood, and being a wife can be daunting and exhausting, but what alleviates the pressure is knowing that those efforts are appreciated and recognized.  It will boost her esteem, provide additional energy, and reinforce that her contributions are important and worth it.

3.) You want to make sure her well is constantly replenished?  Encourage and support her to pursue her dreams outside of the relationship and home.  If she wants to start a garden, open a bake shop, or simply hang out with her friends periodically, make concessions to see that it happens.  She needs her freedom to decompress and to get away from the rigors of everyday life.  If she’s rejuvenated and operating on all cylinders, everyone is happy and better off.

4.) Protect her at all costs.  There is not a woman alive who does not want to feel and believe that her man will defend and protect her from all harm.  She is the most precious jewel you have and as such, it is your duty to protect her as much as possible and with all you possess from all emotional, mental, and physical harm.  Protect her heart for hurt and harm.  Protect her mind from discouragement and despair.  Protect her emotions from let downs and lack of love. No matter where danger derives, be it family, friend, or foe, you have been tasked with upholding your mate and protecting her from all pending danger.  When her knight stands strong, she can’t help but feel secure and proud.

5.) The very definition of relationship is the state of affairs existing between two or more people and how they  behave towards, talk to, and interact with each other.  If you are not willing to make her an equal partner, why be in a relationship?  It is a relationship, not a dictatorship or monarchy.  Treat her with the respect and courtesy you would want for yourself.  She is there to help and support and she should be given every opportunity to do so, while also being included as often as possible.  If you are the CEO of a company, would it not be foolish to not consult with your COO and CFO pertaining to the affairs and progression of the company?  Avoid disaster and dissension by making sure your partner in life is always equally represented and included.

Gents, this is only a short list of tips to maintain and build a healthy and lasting relationship, but they are a great starting point.  If this is your foundation, you will definitely build a home that can withstand any storm.

What do you think of BrotherWord’s 5 Tips to a Happier Her?  Will you incorporate them in your relationship?  Are you already practicing some or all of them, and if so, how do they help?  Leave your comments here or at or @BrotherWord and include the hashtag #HappierHer.

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  1. I can’t imagine what other tips could be added to make this list more complete. This is the meat and potatoes of the everyday woman’s appetite.

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