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Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - The Promise

As the world witnessed yesterday, when preparation meets the promise, championship moments are birth!  Malcolm Butler went from an unknown and undrafted free agent to Super Bowl XLIX hero.  With one phenomenal play, Butler went from mediocrity to stardom.  Many may think it was luck or just something that happened, but it is a great demonstration of how you when you properly prepare you are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Moral of the story – you have to be ready whenever the chance presents itself.  Life will give you a chance to become a star, but you have to be ready to take full advantage.  Whatever it may be that you are seeking to accomplish, train, work, study, go above and beyond to assure that when the time comes, it is nothing new or that catches you off guard.  Butler was able to make such a fantastic play because there was no hesitation.  He had seen the formation before because he had studied the film; he was in position because he had put in the work; he was able to make the play because he had trained.  What are you doing?

No one can predict when the moment will occur, but everyone can attest that they do not come often and when they do, if you are not ready to capitalize, you may have missed your best shot.  Remember, a dream without a goal is just a wish and a vision without a plan is just a dream.  You have to know where you are going and devise and work the plan to get there.  Preparation is the cornerstone for progress and prosperity.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation. ~ Robert H. Schuller

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. ~ Arthur Ashe

Motivational Mondays

BrotherWord - Finish Strong

“Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong  by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.” ~ Ralph Marston

None of what you have accomplished thus far will matter if you do not see it through.  The quickest way to failure is through quitting.  Finish what you start!  You started because you have a purpose to fulfill, a destination to arrive at, and goals in mind.  There is more to finishing than just completing the task, so make sure you finish as strong as you started.

The road may get treacherous, but that’s the beauty in travel.  Treacherous roads teach survival and navigation skills, and as we travel down these roads we discover what we are truly made of.  Each road brings with it a certain degree of difficulty, a new challenge, but if you turn around before you reach the end, how will you ever know what awaits you.  

The road less traveled is for the brave!  This road was designed for those willing to accept their calling, strong enough to face the challenges ahead, and focused on finishing.  Finishing builds character and fortitude and every time you finish and complete a task, you gain strength and confidence.  Finishing just like quitting becomes a character trait.  Which one do you choose?

So finish strong, muster every ounce of energy and ability to accomplish what you set out to achieve.  No matter how long the race or how grueling the battle, the victor is the one who finishes and does not give up!  Your race has already begun.  Do you stay the course and finish strong or quit before you reach the finish line?

“Starting strong is good.  Finishing strong is epic! ~ Robin Sharma”

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Stay Motivated

For some, motivation comes and goes and it is hard to maintain focus and consistency.  The objective is to harness that internal fire, replenish it as necessary, and let it flow in every aspect of your life.  Here are some quick tips on how to stay motivated.

7 Tips to Staying Motivated

1.) Set your goals and stick to them.  The purpose of goal setting is to have a concrete plan to follow and help guide you down the road when it gets rough.  Having goals means there is a definitive destination to strive towards.

2.) Establish markers of progress.  Aside from setting goals, there needs to be markers of accomplishment.  Having goals without checkpoints can be a defeating effort.  Set weekly or monthly markers of accomplishments to achieve and start knocking them off chunk by chunk.  You will begin to see your dream start to materialize.

3.) Learn from the greats.  There are many lessons that can either be learned the hard way or the easy way, so take advantage of potential opportunities.  Read all you can to advance your knowledge in the field you are pursuing.  If possible, find a mentor to train you on the intricacies and details of mastering your craft.  There is a reason some have been able to obtain greatness and it didn’t happen by accident or without help.

4.) Partner with those that share your drive because not everyone will share your vision.  Your dream is your dream and no one will have the same vision as you do. However, you can find people that have the same work ethic and drive for greatness.  Those are the people you need in your corner.  Although they may not have the same big picture idea, they do believe in and support you.  On those days when everything seems to fall apart, it will be that belief and support that will push you through.

5.) Reward yourself for milestones.  With each marker accomplished, take a moment to cherish the moment and find a way to reward yourself for staying the course.  Each step closer to your goal is a significant occasion that should be recognized and celebrated.  It may be as simple as taking a couple of hours to treat yourself to a movie or purchasing a small trinket to symbolize the accomplishment, but whatever it may be, award yourself for a job well done.  At a minimal, it will be an encouragement to continue on.

6.) Allow yourself some slack.  Not everything will go as planned and there will be days when you will be totally frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.  That is perfectly normal.  It will happen, so allow for it.  What that means is that you are passionate about your pursuit and it is important to you.  As long as you remember the reason you began and follow the goals you have set, the frustrating days will be few and far in between.  Don’t beat yourself up for setbacks and don’t give up either.  Greatness comes with a price and the journey is filled with many challenges.

7.) You have to rest.  All the excitement and ambition will throw your body and  mind in overdrive and you will want to tackle everything all at once.  It is an invigorating feeling to have a vision and watch it manifest daily.  Take the time you need to rest and recuperate in between.  Everyone needs a period of time to get away from the daily grind to replenish.  Be intentional about scheduling time to allow your mind and body to rest.  You will be amazed about how when you return, you have fresh ideas, a rejuvenated body, and crisp mind.  Rest is imperative to success.

Motivation comes from many sources and how you harness that motivation will determine the outcome of your journey.  Use these steps to help you along the way and take you to the next step.  Equipping yourself with the right tools will assuredly help you reach your destination.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

The time is here and now!  There is no better time than the present and you already have everything you need. God has blessed you with a plan and a purpose.  What are you waiting for?  “Perfection paralyzes potential,” as I heard a wise man state and if you’re waiting for the perfect timing, perfect situation, perfect person, then you’re only prohibiting the possibilities and prolonging a self-imposed purgatory.

That job you’re seeking, go for it!  The relationship you desire, pursue it!  The changes you want in your life, start making them happen.  The only thing holding you back is YOU.  All the excuses and doubts are no longer.  The only thing that matters is reaching your goals and the actions needed to bring those goals to fruition.  You are powerful beyond measure and your life’s experiences have prepared you for this moment.  You are ready, so please get out of your own way.

The only moment we will ever have is the present moment.  Don’t waste or forsake it and don’t wait for another moment that may never come.  There are three things in life that once they are gone, you can never get back – words, opportunity, and time.  Don’t waste any of them.  Let your words be the blueprint that answers opportunity’s knock right on time.  There are also three things in life that never fail – belief, determination, and love.  Believe in yourself and be determined enough to pursue the love burning inside you NOW!


Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

“Never let fear interfere with the dream that is near and dear.” ~ BrotherWord

What we are is far from what we”ll become, but in order to become all we shall be, we have to keep striving and reaching for our dreams.  Don’t let obstacles, challenges, setbacks, or people deter you from your goals.  Only you can stop you and it’s at the breaking point when you truly discover what you are made of and what you are capable of.  You are a prized possession with prized possessions that others would love to possess just to have a piece of the prize.  In other words, what you are and what you offer is priceless and valuable all at once.  It is a gift given unto you and no one else can replicate it or do as you would, so embrace all that you are and all that you will become.  The dream you have can and will become your reality.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and keep pushing.  It is yours for the taking!

Motivational Mondays

BrotherWord - Motivational Mondays (DRIVE)

Is the dream your chasing worth the price your paying?  If it isn’t empowering, enriching, or energizing your life and those around you, it may be time to reevaluate. The dream is about hope & aspirations and the pursuit should be envigorating and enlightening.    Be inspired, be committed, be persistent, but most important, be mindful of the road ahead. Dream the impossible, strive for the unimaginable, and see the incomparable become impactful!  #DreamChaser

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