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Anything is Possible

Disclaimer:  I did not vote for the President-Elect nor am I in favor of the new regime entering the White House or being appointed to create policy and make decisions that will ultimately and drastically change the landscape of our country.  Please read this with that in mind and feel free to comment AFTER you have read it in its entirety.

Today is a day that will for sure will go down in all of history and will be a worldwide spectacle in more ways than one.  Some will cheer in jubilation, while others will watch in disdain and disbelief.  But no matter what side of the fence you stand on, every last person can agree that anything is possible.

Eight years ago the United of States of America witnessed history in the making as @BarackObama was elected as the first African-American President.  On a platform centered on “hope,” President Obama galvanized a splintered society and rallied the masses by literally giving hope to the forgotten, disenfranchised, broken, poor, unpopular and found a way to bridge the gap between the “well-off” and the “I just want a fair chance.”  Hope may be a slogan on a bumper sticker to some, but it is a lifeline of last resort to others.  Without hope, I shutter to think where we may be or where we are headed.  (more…)

Motivational Monday


As a #NewYear dawns on us, so does new hopes, aspirations, and resolutions.  With each comes an invigorated spirit of excitement and dedication, but unfortunately by early February, many of us have loss enthusiasm or completely abandoned the plan.  Thinking of what I hope to accomplish to do this year, I must say I have an aggressive list of things I would like to accomplish and although each is very achievable, it will require discipline, proper time management, and continued prayer.  

No matter what resolution or promise you have made to yourself or others, remember each day is its own opportunity.  Start small and work toward the big stuff.  You did not gain that weight overnight, nor will you lose it overnight; it took longer than a week to accumulate the clutter in the house, so do not think you will blink your eyes and it will disappear either.  Obtaining goals are more about the process than it is the timeframe.  Anything that is done consistently becomes habit and habits become building blocks.

Focus on building good habits and watch the #ToDoList check itself off.  And if you are having a hard time figuring out where to start, please take a moment to look over #30ThingsYouMightWantToStartDoingForYourself by Darryl Ricardo Matthews, Sr – @32ndGP.  With any endeavor, it is always good to begin within and these 30 reminders are essential building blocks to life goals!

No matter what this year holds, do not lose hope and do not give up.  Remember each day may bring its own obstacles, but it also presents new opportunities. (more…)

Thankful Thursdays

BrotherWord - Thankful

In a world where all the odds seem to be against you, every obstacle seems to find you, and no matter how optimistic you attempt to be, there is something that inevitably tests your will, it is great to know that those things have not and will not break you… as long as you do not allow them to.  I am so THANKFUL for the failures, the setbacks, those that have gone out of their way to try to destroy my mind, body, and soul.  Thank you for showing me what I am capable of, forcing me to dig deeper, and pushing me to realize that not only am I strong, but greater is He that is within me than that which is in this world!

Over the past few days, we witnessed unified strength as the African-American student athletes, backed by the student body and staff, stood for righteousness sake and united to right a wrong.  I am THANKFUL that they had the courage to band together, willingness to face the repercussions and ridicule, and the conviction to peacefully protest and make a difference.  Some will still question their motives and timing, but no one can deny the impact!  As other universities and institutions join them in this crusade, we should all be THANKFUL seeing our future generation put a stamp on the annuls of history.  It is still amazing and moving to see those with a purpose and passion for the right causes fortify and use their platforms to become catalyst of change.  I applaud those that led the charge at Missouri, as well as those that supported them and did not try to dissuade them from pursuing justice.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand for your beliefs knowing all you have worked for could be swiftly taken away.  

In the same vain and on the heels of Veteran’s Day, we have to salute our men and women in the armed services who valiantly fight for our freedom and risks their lives routinely to assure we maintain our civil liberties.  I am especially THANKFUL for these courageous souls who stand at the forefront protecting from us all from enemies far and close.  Salute to all you for your service and dedication

Face fear head on knowing that every challenge is just another test, another path along the journey, and another building block to boost your resume.  Be THANKFUL for the hardships knowing that the most precious pearl had to be put extreme pressure before its beauty could be revealed.  No matter how hard it may seem, how difficult it may get, how insurmountable the terrain may appear, remember three key things.  1.) Every thing we go through is working together for our good and no matter the circumstances or the situation, there is a lesson to be learned and growth to accomplish.  2.) No matter the test or the challenge, if you were not capable of handling it, you would never be presented with it.  Each stepping stone is just that, an opportunity to elevate your mind and spirit and come to new realizations about who you are and what you are capable of.  3.) You are not the first person to travel this road.  Many have gone before you and have weathered to storm and are the better for it.  Do not let the unknown create fear or doubt, but know that you too can claim the victory as long as you continue to push forward and never give up.

Today I am extremely THANKFUL because I refused to let fear dictate my life, I fought to fulfill my purpose, and I even when I thought about giving up on my hopes and dreams, I allowed myself enough space to welcome new opportunities.  I am THANKFUL because even when all looked lost, I did not stay in the abyss of despair, but instead chose to seek greatness, chase hope, and fight for a better outcome.  I am THANKFUL because I know now that hardships only last for a moment, but the tools and traits we gain from them last a lifetime.

Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill

Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Dreams Come True

As kids we have a pure innocence that knows no boundaries and our dreams are as large and as magnanimous as our imagination can take us.  As we grow older and experience life more, we become jaded and lose that virtue, become cynical, and our dreams are not as vivid as they once were.  I am so THANKFUL that the world does not dictate the outcome of our dreams and if we are courageous enough to forge ahead in spite of all or any obstacles, our dreams can still come true.

I am very THANKFUL that dreams never die.  They may become dormant or even forgotten, and in worse cases, given up on, but that precious dream still lies within and is just waiting to be stirred up, shaken awake, and pursued again.  Life will take you on many twists and turns, derailing your thoughts, detouring your focus, and dividing your time, but is it not amazing how one glimmer of hope, one leap of faith, can redirect you and put you right on course to achieving your deepest desires and wildest dreams!

What is a real miracle is how even when you may quit on your dream, it never quit on you and when least expected, that dream that you no longer thought of, considered a possibility, or even fathom any longer has now come to fruition.  THANKFUL for dreams beyond reality and greater than doubt and fear.  THANKFUL for the little kid in me who still remembers that anything I believe, if I so desire and am willing to put in the work, I can achieve it!

THANKFUL that dreams are windows to our heart’s desires, our mind’s infatuations, and our soul’s purpose-filled destiny.  THANKFUL that our greatest dreams somehow formulate a blueprint and road that lead to our greatest joy. Dream on my friend…

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” ~ Langston Hughes

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Passion

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire, it is that thing that wakes you in the morning springing you out of the bed and keeps you up late at night focused on accomplishing all that you have set out to do.  Passion is what fuels the purpose and marries the two to change potential to a fulfilled promise!  Passion is the catalyst that sparks our hopes, dreams, and aspirations and drives you to achieve the unbelievable, obtain the unthinkable, and shatter any notions of doubt and fear.  What you are passionate about is what has been inbred in you and powers the journey ahead.  What is that you are passionate about?

Whatever you are passionate about, that one thing in this world you literally would do for free if there were no obstacles or fear of failure, follow it, pursue it, live in it, for it is there that you will not only find purpose, but also walk in God’s promise for your life.  God has given each of us specific talents and specific tools to accomplish a specific task.  Do not waste your tools or let them go rusty!  Walk in your purpose and feed off your passion; the promise will not come back void!

I challenge each of you to trust whatever it is that moves you and excites you, research it, study it, practice it, and use it!  It is there for a reason, so stop running from it and denying it.  Live the life that was purposed for you and soak up every bit of it.  Let your passion light up the world and all you encounter leaving a mark that will transcend and surpass your wildest fantasies.  You are more than if only you believe.

Living on #Purpose fueled by #Passion and striving towards #Destiny.  Have you found your passion?  Are you ready to channel it to achieve your dreams?

 Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” ~ Donovan Bailey

Not the End of the Story

BrotherWord - Project Semicolon

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have left.”

If you have not heard of Project Semicolon, I assure you are in for a treat.  It takes a phenomenal and strong person to take the worst of life and transform that situation into someone else’s breakthrough.  @ProjectSemicolon started in the spring of 2013, when founder, Amy Bleuel, wanted to honor her father whom she lost to suicide. Through the semicolon symbol many related to the struggle of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide and their will to continue on. The title, “Project Semicolon,” also represented a goal – to believe that this is not the end but a new beginning.

With a mission and a goal, those at Project Semicolon started the journey to inspire and help others overcome life at its worst moments.  Whether it was the person suffering, lost, confused, and feeling isolated or those not knowing how to help and just as tragically affected, they have embodied a mantra that is literally changing the stigma on self-inflicted pain.  “A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to.  The author is you and the sentence is your life,” is a motto that they live by and share with as many as can be reached worldwide.

They embody the notion that we all have a choice to add a semicolon in any part of our life and discover a different ending.  Life will inevitably back you into a corner, but that does not mean you have to succumb or give up.  That part of life may end with a period, but it does not mean the story is over, the chapter is closed, or the book is completely written.  Add a semicolon to life and start rewriting your story.

If you are interested in the work Project Semicolon is doing and want to contribute or support in any way, please visit their site at  You are never too lost to be saved.

But God…

BrotherWord - But God

How often have you been faced with what seemed to be insurmountable odds?  Or plagued with one setback after another?  What about times when you have no strength to muster, courage to pull from, or the will to carry on?  We all have faced that brick wall of despair where hope was lost and obstacles grew taller.  But God!

Grace and mercy are real and relevant and just as the aforementioned, how many more times can you say, but God!  I thought I was dead, but God.  I thought I would get evicted, but God.  I thought I was losing my mind, but God.  I thought my children were headed for destruction, but God.  I thought my marriage was doomed for failure, but God. I thought, I thought, I thought… BUT GOD!

Author @HerbertCooper pens his latest work entitled, #ButGod, and speaks directly about how the power of God changes everything!  A personal testimony about life’s twists, trials, and triumphs, Cooper expresses how “the BUT GOD moments come in and offer a new path and hope for our lives.  These moments occur when we are at are lowest, and turn our down-trodden worlds around for the better.  It is up to us to recognize and seize these moments when they occur and follow the renewed path God offers. The phrase is short, but the implications are huge. The path may look bleak, dim, and hopeless…BUT GOD changes everything!”

If you find yourself in a bleak, dim, or hopeless situation, I encourage you to look your situation square in the face and yell, BUT GOD!  Pick up Herbert Cooper’s book, But God and instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!

Voice of the People

BrotherWord - Shine

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never Is, but always To be blest.  The soul, uneasy, and confin’d from home, Rests and expatiates in a life to come.” ~ Alexander Pope

Very few words or actions has calmed the storm that is still brewing in #Ferguson, but New Orleans @Saints player @BenjaminSWatson has given the city of Ferguson and the nation a sense of hope.  Perplexed like many by the actions that started this ordeal and heart-wrenched by all that has proceeded, Watson penned a open letter of introspective thoughts that has soothed the disdain, gave some clarity to this unfathomable travesty, and started the process of mending broken hearts and rebuilding a broken and divided city.

What was initially one man’s poignant thoughts and emotional outcry, Watson’s insightful thoughts quickly turned into a viral phenomenon that netted more likes, shares, and comments than Watson had followers.  As you read the post below, take time to digest its transparency, the magnitude of the message, the compassion and humbleness of the man who wrote it, and the yearning to find understanding and peace through it all.  This is the beginning of the healing process.  Thank you Benjamin Watson for your honesty and purity and for sharing your spirit of love and unity. (more…)

Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - The Pen

There are certain things in life that no one can take away from you – hope, integrity, education, self-worth, self-discipline, or character.  No matter the obstacles or the detractors, there is no one or no thing that has more say so in your development other than you!

As many have seen, the livelihood of several professional athletes has been stripped away and/or put in jeopardy over the last few weeks.  A life they worked for from the time they could walk until it materialized, these men gave their all and positioned themselves to reap the fruits of their labor.  How little did they know that in the blink of an eye, it would be all snatched away.  It is one thing to have an injury derail your career, but when it stems from behavior that could have been prevented, self-inflicted, that is when circumstances start controlling your life instead of you controlling your circumstances.

Learn from others’ mistakes and stop letting everyone else dictate your life.  Look at the picture above, it speaks volumes.  As long as you continue to let others hold the pen, they will continue to write the story they see for your life, and that is where you lose all power.  Today is the day to take back control and start acting as your own scribe.  The life you seek is at the tip of your fingertips and all you need to do is start penning your memoirs.

Your life is filled with so many endless possibilities, but what is certain is that we each one, you have an opportunity to formulate the life you seek.  Our paths may be different, our journeys longer, but no matter the road we travel, we all have the ability to reach our destiny.  Hope is eternal, integrity is a choice, self-worth and self-discipline are innate traits, and character is the lasting impression.  How will the story of your life read and who will be the author?

Where others have faltered, you can learn, and the quicker you do, the better off you will be.  It is very cliché, but there is truth in the statement, “you are the captain of your ship.”  “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach me destination.” ~ Unknown 

Young & Talented

BrotherWord - Talent

If for any reason you doubt the next generation of talent, please take a moment to check out these young stars in action.  They may not be household names yet, but trust, their impact is setting the world on fire as their videos continue to spread like wildfire.  From Chloe and Halle’s cover of Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts, Charlize Glass’ killer dance moves, Suraji Britt’s operatic cello play, Aidan Fisher monstrous guitar solo, and the unknown drummer freestyling with buckets, these young & gifted phenoms are a shining example of what is on the horizon!

They give hope that the torch will not go dim and the keys to the kingdom are in good hands.  It is inspiring and encouraging to watch them valiantly chase their dreams and not squander their talents.  They deserve a standing ovation.  Here’s to you!

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