Anything is Possible

Disclaimer:  I did not vote for the President-Elect nor am I in favor of the new regime entering the White House or being appointed to create policy and make decisions that will ultimately and drastically change the landscape of our country.  Please read this with that in mind and feel free to comment AFTER you have read it in its entirety.

Today is a day that will for sure will go down in all of history and will be a worldwide spectacle in more ways than one.  Some will cheer in jubilation, while others will watch in disdain and disbelief.  But no matter what side of the fence you stand on, every last person can agree that anything is possible.

Eight years ago the United of States of America witnessed history in the making as @BarackObama was elected as the first African-American President.  On a platform centered on “hope,” President Obama galvanized a splintered society and rallied the masses by literally giving hope to the forgotten, disenfranchised, broken, poor, unpopular and found a way to bridge the gap between the “well-off” and the “I just want a fair chance.”  Hope may be a slogan on a bumper sticker to some, but it is a lifeline of last resort to others.  Without hope, I shutter to think where we may be or where we are headed. 

Hope showed us that anything is possible and nothing is more evident of that than the anticipation of today’s inaugural event.  As much as I loathe what the greatest office in the free world has turned into, I still find hope knowing that even at the highest of ranks, anything is possible… if we hope.  Hope led the way for a real estate mogul with a shaky track record; a television personality with no political acumen, no legislative knowledge, nor any diplomacy; someone who has continually demonstrated a level of disrespect for women, other ethnicities, and anyone from a different walk of life that under any other circumstance would equate to rhetoric from some of the worst hate groups; and who has done everything in their power to persecute the less than and create a divide in an attempt to destroy the very fabric of hope we have held onto and that has protected us over the past eight years.  

Despite it all, an no matter what side of the line you stand on, rest assured that anything is possible!  In the United States of America, even the least qualified, most disliked, and controversial of candidates still has an opportunity to sit in the highest of esteem and power this country can afford one person.  I do not the president-elect or his family personally, but suffice to say, their pedigree is a polar opposite of the family leaving the office.  But do not think hope left when the Obamas vacated 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Hope is stronger than ever!

Hope shattered the thought that you have to have a certain background or criteria to lead the free world; hope made it possible for anyone to dream as big as their imagination would allow them and their will could take them; hope transformed minds and hearts, one way or another, and brought people together in an array of bizarre and peculiar ways; hope reminded an entire country and world that if you believe enough in yourself, it really does not matter what someone else may think; hope made what was once thought impossible, very possible.  No matter what catch phrase, mantra, or platform was pushed in this past year’s election, at the core of it all was hope.

So whether or not you watch today’s inauguration, whether you celebrate in jubilation or weep in tribulation, whether you are looking forward to change or wishing things could remain the same, just remember that anything is possible.  No matter what your political affiliation may be or your personal thoughts on who is in office, please never forget that hope remains eternal and if you believe and are willing to withstand whatever is thrown at you, literally, anything is possible.

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