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Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

Miracles happen everyday and oftentimes you really have to pay attention or you’ll miss it.  But sometimes, the miracle is so profound that it will find you.  Wrecked and stranded in the Nevada mountains in below zero temperatures, Christina McIntee, James Glanton, and the four kids accompanying them, received their Christmas Miracle well before anyone else.

Wanting to venture out and enjoy the newly fallen snow, the couple took a road trip to the Seven Troughs mountain range.  Driving downhill in their jeep, they hit an ice patch and careened over into a bank.  Trapped and with the vehicle turned over, the couple had to make some quick decisions.  Ultimately, they decided it would be best to stay together with the jeep and hope someone would find them soon.  Using supplies in the jeep and what they could gather, they burned a spare tire and used heating rocks to keep the jeep warm.   They gathered together and for three days and two nights, they waited.  Miraculously, rescuers found the family safe and without harm.

No matter how bleak the situation may seem, it is amazing how when we come together and unite in mind and body, what we can achieve.  Because the adults didn’t panic, neither did the kids; they thought it was a camping trip.  Saw a phenomenal quote earlier today that read, “Just because you are burdened does not mean you are bound.  Get free from whatever baggage is holding you down.”  Do not let your situation determine your state of mind.  The “miracle” is in knowing, this too shall pass.

The Rock – Happy Father’s Day

BrotherWord - The Rock

The Rock

When God made you, he already had a plan;
He called you to conquer and be ruler of all the lands.
He made you king, priest, protector, and provider;
He said after Himself, no one came higher.
Chiseled from the rock of Gibraltar and laced with the armor of the most holy;
He placed on you to be a server of men and savior of souls, so they too could witness His glory.
From your rib, thought became flesh and God’s purpose fulfilled;
To every man, woman and child, his grace and mercy revealed.

You were charged with building families, communities and futures yet to come;
No one could imagine the magnitude or the stress, but everyday you rose to the challenge and victory was won.
Today and everyday we salute our fathers;
Everyday is a new challenge, and everyday it seems to get harder.
They say mama’s baby and daddy’s maybe;
But just maybe if daddy had his daddy, it would be less maybes and better babies.
Being a father has nothing to do with planting a seed in fertile ground;
But everything to do with watching that seed grow and sticking around.
It’s easy to make a child, two willing partners, a bit of science and God’s miracle is birth;
But being a father, going through the ups and downs, nurturing, disciplining, loving, and being a constant presence, is how you show your true worth.
F.A.T.H.E.R. – Faithful servant following God’s will and leading and loving his family with all his might;
Attentive to all our needs and wants, never losing focus of the bigger picture in sight.
Teacher, counselor, and disciplinarian making sure we learn life’s lessons and prepares us for the day we take their place;
Hero and healer who protects us from harm’s way and would give their life in an instant to make sure we remain safe.
Everything – Her first love, his first example, and the epitome of what every occurrence will be measured against and compared to;
Redeemer because when we fail, he will be there to help us up, encourage us to carry on, and remind us that he once failed and that’s how he grew.
He is Father by choice and not because of obligation or duty,
He chose and accepted his role and has stood tall because to him, it’s God’s greatest assignment and display of beauty.
Whether biological or those that rose to the occasion and filled in the gap,
A special salute to all for what you do in silence, behind the scenes, when no one else would, to you I tip my hat.
Thank you dads for loving us in the worst of times and the best of times each and every day,
But no matter what, being a man led by faith, man of integrity, allowing us to grow and catching us when we fall, and being there when we wake up or at least a phone call away.
Any man can be a baby’s daddy, make a child, never look back, someone that child will not remember;
But it’s takes a man to be a Father, help that child grow, raise an adult and don’t have to look back because they’re always front and center.
Immovable, unshakeable, not easily broken, and massive in ways that can’t be measured;
You’re our rock and cornerstone and our cherished treasure. ©
Happy Father’s Day!

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