Violation of Rights or Justifiable Arrest – You Decide

Below is a video that presents several questions. The lines between civil liberties and abuse of power seem to get blurred more and more each day.  Police officers have a tremendous duty and the idea of protecting and serving the public often times comes down to split second decisions.  There is no room for hesitation or second guessing because every encounter literally may determine the life or death of the officer themselves or innocent bystanders.  Everyday an officer puts on their uniform they are sacrificing their life for the communities they serve.

Citizens have grown to distrust law enforcement and past history has blemished their reputation.  The trust factor between John Q and Officer Friendly is at a dismal low.  As much as the public depends on authority to enforce the law and protect society from those that choose to commit crimes, people are hesitant to get involved, reluctant to to step forward, and leery of the authorities, often citing abuse of or power.

Either way, there is a definite breakdown between the communities we live in and the authorities who are tasked to protect them.  Measures are taken everyday by both sides to narrow the divide, but incidents as shown below further the contempt and cast bigger clouds of despair.  Hopefully this incident was reviewed and necessary measures were taken so similar incidents could be avoided.

Please comment.  Tell BrotherWord what you think. There is no right or wrong answer, but a collection of thoughts that will lead to discussion and potential solutions to collectively come together and better our communities.

WARNING:  Adult Language

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