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BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

Success only comes through perspiration.  It’s a byproduct of the effort your willing to give which is only matched by the will you have to succeed.  You are what you believe you are and despite what anyone may say, any obstacles that may arise, any setbacks or difficulties, you are the captain of your destiny.  Today I challenge you to challenge yourself; reach deep within and explore parts of yourself that have been dormant or you thought was nonexistent. To succeed is to overcome and you already possess every tool you need.


1.) Vision – Every success story started with a vision and the ambition to pursue it.

2.) Dedication/Commitment – You have to be committed, dedicated to the task at hand.  It’s not for the weak or the meek.

3.) Impossible to Fail – The only time you fail is when you stop attempting.  And conversely, every time you attempt the impossible, you beat failure.  Along the way, learn the necessary lessons, too.  There will be times when you fall short, but even then, if you accept the loss and learn the lesson, you have succeeded.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge base.  Don’t be afraid to seek mentors who have succeeded in the area you are pursuing.  Read as much as you can, study the greats and the worst.  There is a lesson in every aspect.

4.) Dare to Be Great – Why settle for mediocrity?  Why follow another’s footsteps?  How great would it be to blaze a new trail?  Steve Jobs didn’t want to work for Bill Gates, he wanted to compete against him.  Michael Jordan didn’t want to play with Patrick Ewing or Charles Barkley, he wanted to dominate them.  Oprah Winfrey never sought to simply be on television, she wanted to be television!  It’s great to acknowledge those that came before, but now it’s time to expand on the foundation that has been set forth.  Be the next great one, not simply a shadow.

5.) Never Rest on Your Success –  Those that have succeeded never looked back to admire their accomplishments.  Be proud, be happy, be excited about all you’ve accomplished, but keep it in perspective.  You achieved your dream by doing all the above.  Now is not the time to regress. Whatever you did before, you now have to work just as hard to maintain and keep the momentum going.

You’ll have plenty time to bask in your success and by all means, BrotherWord wants you to enjoy every second of it, just don’t become consumed by it.  The deeds of a righteous man are not for appearances sake or for self-gratification, but to help those less fortunate, to propel society and humanity, and to fulfill your God-given purpose.  Legacies are left when lives are touched and lives are transformed.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”  ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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