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As we get ready to embark on 2014 many people will make resolutions of various forms regarding what they hope to accomplish in the new year.  Some of these will be typical such as losing weight, speaking to friends and family more, and starting a new hobby.  Others will be more radical and require serious devotion and determination.  @ClutchMagazine and @theFrisky formulated a great list to help spark ideas for beginning anew.  Some of it is thought-provoking, some provocative, and some challenging, but it encompasses much and has something for everyone.  Take a look to see what the list offers for you and come back tomorrow to see @BrotherWord’s list for starting 2014 on the right path.

Happy New Year’s!

101 New Year’s Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Smoking, Weight Loss, or Becoming BFFs With Your Mother-In-Law – By: The Frisky

1. To try to stop overreacting when your family members annoy you.

2. To put one less packet of sugar in your coffee every day.

3. To do your laundry at least every two weeks so that the dirty pile doesn’t overtake your room.

4. To keep your receipts in a box and not shoved into an overflowing drawer.

5. To wipe down your bathroom sink once a week.

6. To stop lying to your book club about having finished.

7. To try that fashion trend that you are sure you can’t pull off.

8. To remove your nail polish as soon as it chips (or at least within a few days).

9. To buy one pair of shoes that you love rather than four that are on sale.

10. To go outside for at least 15 minutes a day.

11. To stop having anxiety attacks over work stuff.

12. To not let Facebook vacation/baby/love/friend photos send you into a jealousy spiral.

13. To try one new creative hobby and not worry about sucking at it.

14. To avoid getting sucked into hours of mindless TV watching.

15. To throw away all your underwear with holes in them, even if that means you have to buy new ones.

16. To confess the sexual fantasy you’ve always wanted to try.

17. To curb fat talk.

18. To stop telling people what they want to hear.

19. To give time, energy, and kindness to the friends who reciprocate it.

20. To cross something off your bucket list.

21. To get that physical you’ve been putting off.  

22. To learn to make a fancy cocktail. 

23. To open your mail immediately and not let it pile up for days.

24. To change your sheets as often as Martha Stewart recommends (or more often than you currently do).

25. To tell people you love and appreciate them more often.

26. To lower your expectations of others.

27. To complain less and DO more.

28. To find a signature event. 

29. To make a beautiful cheese plate for a party.

30. To set up those two friends you’ve had a feeling about for a long time.

31. To set aside pennies — or more if you can — for a vacation.

32. To not let your brain drown out your intuition.

33. To be more vulnerable.

34. To throw away the socks without a mate.

35. To cancel your subscriptions to magazines that make you feel like shit.

36. To give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning so you don’t have to rush every day.

37. To return texts, emails, and phone calls in a semi-timely fashion.

38. To schedule your life according to what you can actually get done rather than what you wish you could.

39. To replace the lights in your bathroom to those kind that make you look like you have perfect skin.

40. To not get so wrapped up in the daily that you don’t have two seconds for the divine.

41. To stop trying to change people, even in small ways.

42. To open the good bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

43. To just say no to catastrophic thinking.

44. To not say “sorry” for things that aren’t you fault.

45. To learn to say “sorry” for things that are.

46. To never buy anything in a smaller size than you actually wear.

47. To work on being content with what you have.

48. To wear sunscreen.

49. To try that food you decided you hated when you were 12 (just to make sure you still hate it).

50. To carve out some quality alone time.

51. To organize your inbox.

52. To not spend impulsively.

53. To not check your cell phone during dinner.

54. To read the news without letting it destroy your spirit.

55. To purge your life of people who make you feel like shit.

56. To remember that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook aren’t real life.

57. To have honest conversations with yourself regularly.

58. To take your teenage niece out for coffee and tell her everything gets better.

59. To volunteer for a cause you care about.

60. To buy a really great vibrator.

61. To send a written thank you note for something.

62. To send a cute card to someone just because.

63. To read books and see movies that you love and not the ones that everyone recommends.

64. To find some form of exercise you like.

65.  To throw out your scale.

66.  To ask for help when you need it.

67. To ask out that person you’ve been admiring from afar.

68. To ask your grandparents for the stories you’ll miss when they’re gone.

69. To put a spider outside instead of killing it.

70. To karaoke your favorite big ballad and not even hold back.

71. To stop eating while standing in front of the fridge.

72. To buy backup toilet paper rolls.

73. To write a dorky fangirl letter (or tweet or Facebook post) to your fave author, actor, singer, etc.

74. To drive less and walk/bike more often.

75. to drink a least a little bit more water and a little less caffeine.

76. To never pass up a photobooth without going inside and taking some pictures.

77. To send a big, gorgeous bouquet of flowers to your best friend.

78. To take selfies with purpose and intention.

79. To go somewhere where there is no trace of skyscrapers, sidewalks, or parking lots.

80. To dress in a way that makes you feel good, happy, and confident.

81. To stop hiding — in every sense of the word.

82. To stop comparing yourself to celebrities — or anyone.

83. To speak up at work meetings.

84. To envision your perfect, ideal life, and then take one small step toward making it real.

85. To own your spiritual beliefs, even if they’re weird or kooky or nothing like your friends’ and family’s.

86. To pay off your credit cards before you charge them up some more.

87. To do exactly what you want to on your birthday.

88. To get a case for your iPhone so that the screen won’t crack when you drop it. 

89. To clean all the crap out of the trunk of your car.

90. To make a renewed commitment to using your turn signal.

91. To shop for produce at the farmers’ market when you can.

92. To get over you fear of public restrooms.

93. To go see at least one live performance.

94. To leave your phone in your pocket for an entire concert.

95. To gossips less.

96. To try an alternative way of meeting potential dates, even if it seems lame to you.

97. To celebrate something good that happens and ignore something shitty that happens.

98. To let that thing go that you’ve been mad about for years and years and years.

99. To buy an awesome piece of art that makes you happy.

100. To give away or donate the old clothes in your closet instead of throwing them away.

101.  To do everything in your power to make this year your best one yet.

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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