Blemished Perfections, Imperfect Discretions


Today we get a special treat from one of our guest writers – Raylee!  Enjoy

Blemished perfections,

Imperfect discretions,

Walls high…

Love passed by, many, many times

Life filled with lust,

But lacking loyalty and trust

Blemished perfections

Imperfect discretions

Walls high…

Love hurts, love lies

Your beliefs

But in actuality,

“love is patient, love is kind”

That’s what Corinthians says

No one knows your story, no one knows your pain


Walls high

Let love in, let the healing begin

Share your miseries, so your current companies will disappear

Open your heart and feel what you are meant to feel

Allow your soul to burn with the passion,

The passion, that is simply fashioned from our creator…

Pure, unconditional, unjudged

Blemished perfections,

Imperfect discretions


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