Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motvational Monday

The Wake Up

Just because your eyes are wide open doesn’t mean you can see the truth,

Each time you open your mouth, insert boot.

How many times are you going to continue to lie to yourself and follow the deceit,

Only thing that’s different between them and you is that you have already accepted defeat.

Where they fall and get up, you lie there in sorrow,

Promise you this, no matter how much you hide the sun will rise on tomorrow.

It is past time to stop letting people and circumstances deter your destiny,

If at first you don’t succeed, start over, try again, take responsibility.

This life is a one-shot deal with no do-overs or make ups,

But what many miss is that we all were birth with the right stuff.

You have the tools to build your dreams and make a lasting impression,

The hardest part is growing through and overcoming life’s lessons.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… That’s the alarm clock of your life ringing,

It’s time to wake up, accept the call, and start winning.

Sound the alarms, ring the bell, class is in session,

Put on your armor, yield your sword, mount your steed, and prepare your weapons.

See you got off track again and missed what I said,

Don’t let the foolishness and negativity cloud your head.

Your armor is not made of steel, but it was forged in fire,

It’s found deep within, a spiritual connection that covers your body, and stems from a higher power.

The sword you carry cuts deep and is as sharp as a samurai’s blade,

but what you fail to realize is that it is based on the insurmountable knowledge in your head.

The steed that carries you on your way looks like self-confidence, perseverance, and faith,

An undeniable aura that opens doors and allows you to create.

Wake Up!  There is no time like now and today is where it begins,

What you do today will determine tomorrow and paint the picture of how this story ends.

What will you have to show for yourself when it is all said and done,

Will you be remembered for how you rose to the challenge or how you succumb?

Ring, Ring, Ring… that call is for you and guess who’s on the line?

It’s your future self saying do not waste any more time!

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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