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This is everything that is right in our society and why the next generation is well on their way to making a positive impact.  After the unexpected death of one of their classmate’s father, who also lost his mother in 2012, the students at Herman High School in Missouri took it upon themselves to support their friend, Zack Ruediger, and show everyone how the simplest of gestures can make the biggest difference.  Bravo to these young leaders!

To the Class of 2014, the best years of your life are ahead of you.  Every dream, aspiration, and desire you have ever imagined are all possible.  It will not be easy, but it is attainable.  Along the road you will face challenges and obstacles that may seem insurmountable.  These trials will try to break your spirit if you allow them, but rest assured, those tumultuous times are evidence that you are on the right path and will help shape you into productive members of society and provide you the mental and emotional tools to withstand hardship.  Keep your head up; God gives His toughest battles to His strongest warriors.  Remember to embrace life, breathe it in deeply, caress every opportunity, choose your friends carefully, and when it appears you have nothing left, simply stop and look around you.  You will discover that not all is lost and that dire matter you may be currently facing is not as bad as originally perceived.  Perception and reality are two different things and the quicker you learn that and develop the ability to discern one from the other, life will become much grander.

As you continue to bend life to your will, shape your reality, and carve out your own niche, take heed to the following quotes.  They will help propel you through life and remind you that you are capable of anything.  To the 2014 graduating class at Herman High School, if this is an example of what your future holds, you are well on your way to greatness!

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