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I am THANKFUL for those that sit in the shadows, never seeking the spotlight or wanting to be singled out, but simply making sure all is well and quick to spring into action if needed.  Many people hunger for the fame and fortune, but it takes a special type of person to play the sidelines, with little fanfare, sporadic thanks, and never enough recognition.

I am THANKFUL for the prayers of the righteous because they availeth much and cover even more.  Ever wondered how that situation didn’t destroy you, that accident didn’t take your life, or how you possibly overcame that obstacle?  It is because there was someone praying fervently on your behalf and beseeching all of Heaven to shield and protect you from harm and direct your steps and blocking all of hell from every attempt to steal, kill, or destroy. 

I am THANKFUL for safe haven and nourishment that not only feeds the appetite, but also the soul.  It is one thing to  give someone a plate of food, but it is an entirely different experience to give them comfort and stability.  The smallest things in life can make the greatest impact and leave an impression that surpasses all time and space.

I am THANKFUL for an unconditional love where there are no expectations or ulterior motives, but genuine care and concern for the well being of others.  The type of love that is given freely and spreads far and wide and resonates deeply.  It is a love that cannot be broken and lasts for an eternity.

I am THANKFUL for angels on Earth that are given temporary assignments until they are called back home.  I am THANKFUL for that once in a lifetime encounter that is magical and monumental and changes how we see and live life and how we use the life we have to the better the lives around us.   I am THANKFUL for those special individuals that enrich and bless our lives with their presence, prowess, and piety.  I am THANKFUL that someone cared so much about me they gave me all of the above and so much more and helped to mold BrotherWord into the person I am today. 

BrotherWord - GrandmaDedicated to my grandmother, Lillian F. Moore, who was a pillar, matriarch, prayer warrior, devoted, funny, and unconditionally loving woman.  God broke the mold when He made her.  Gone, but never forgotten, because what she gave us surpasses this plain and reaches to the next.  To we see each other again, rest in peace grandma.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays!”

  1. May your grandmother rest in peace and may God be of great comfort to you and your family in this time of bereavement.

    I truly enjoy reading your posts. I rarely leave a comment, but I always take away something that I can apply to my daily life.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and outlook. There is truly a gifted spirit of discernment on you. God bless BrotherWord.

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