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BrotherWord - Thankful Thursday

I am THANKFUL today for the things that push us, challenge us, force us to move out of our comfort zone and explore the unknown.  Recently I had a conversation in which I expressed, “contentment breeds mediocrity.”  If living life meant only pursuing the status quo or playing it safe, there would be no need for growth or discovery.  We would simply… exist.

I am THANKFUL because challenges are the beginning of enlightenment.  As a student, we were dared to flex our intellectual muscles and to think outside of the box.  As an athlete, you are asked to dig deep within and to push beyond what you thought was your limit.  In your career, you are tasked to take on not only your duties, but other duties as assigned and to be efficient and effective.  Throughout life, no matter the area, we each will be pushed and prodded to reach new levels.

I am THANKFUL because instead of settling, I accepted the challenge and despite the obstacle, doubts, fears, uncertainty, or lack of support, I am eager each day to discover something new and to learn more.  Do not be afraid of the unknown or shy away from difficulty.  The greatest achievements in life stemmed from the most strenuous of circumstances.  Anyone who has reached any pinnacle of success has come through struggle and has persevered past the challenges.  Very few have been handed immediate success, but many have fought to earn it.

I am THANKFUL for the people who challenge me to think introspectively, creatively, intellectually, and ethically, and morally.  I am THANKFUL for the challenges of life that force me to accept things I cannot change and work that much harder to change the things that I do have control over.  I am THANKFUL for lessons that teach and chastise and remind me that anything worth its salt is worth the effort to obtain it.  I am THANKFUL that I have the opportunity to achieve all my dreams as long as I willing to accept the challenge.

What are you THANKFUL for?  How have the challenges in your life shaped you?  Share your challenges and triumphs with BrotherWord here on on facebook/Brotherword or @BrotherWord with the #Thankful4Challenges.

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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