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When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” ~ Harley Davidson

A musician’s first album is always their best.  It is their life’s story, the pain, the glory, the heartbreak, the victories, the highs and the lows and everything in between.  It is a culmination of hustle and desire, the blood, sweat and tears of pursuing a dream, a passion that burns deep within and comes flooding out with a force so magnanimous it is hard to contain, and a humbled spirit that never accepted no or rejection.  When finally given a chance to tell their story and pour it out on wax, art is born.  No different for a writer.

As writers we pour our souls out through the pen that paints a prolific picture on paper (or the computer screen – lol).  Scribe, griot, narrator, voice of the mistreated and misunderstood, or storyteller.  No matter how depicted, a writer finds freedom in allowing his or her pen to bleed with syllables and soliloquies that supersede mere conjecture or random thought, but instead take us on a spiritual, emotional, and physical ride that surpasses what was once seen or imagined.  A writer’s greatest gift is bringing the reader into the writer’s world, luring them in, captivating them, and holding their conscious captive for the duration, while permeating their subconscious well after they have finished reading.  If you ask any writer what their objective is when writing, 9 out 10 will readily tell you to allow the reader a glimpse into my world while telling my story with a vivid picture.

One writer when asked why he wrote responded by saying, “You might as well ask me why I breathe.”  How profound to equate the art of writing to the very breath that gives and sustains life.  Writing in and of itself is a lifeline, a metaphysical bridge that transforms words into literary oasis that quenches any thirst, fulfills any desire, and takes us on a magical journey that is only limited by our very own concept of reality and how far our imagination wishes to travel.  There are no other mediums that can transport you to a distant land without ever leaving the comfort and confines of your home such as writing.  

6 Reasons Writers Write:

1.) We write for others. We write because we have experienced the depths of life, felt its wonders and its heartaches, struggled through the worst of times, prospered where others failed, discovered the mysteries of life, and now want to help others find their way. We write because we have learned the techniques and nuances that could possibly help others through the unexpectedness twists, turns, and challenges of life.

2.) We write for ourselves.  The act of creating is every bit as good for you as working out, eating right, and getting enough sleep.  Writing builds your sense of worth, relieves stress, builds self-confidence, and transforms the notion that all may be wrong by giving tangible evidence of how far you have actually come.  Writing helps you to see the parts of life that are beautiful and interesting and helps you to mine your past, pulling jewels from darkness, and strength and beauty from trial.  Writing builds character, fortitude, and strength.

3. We write for the sake of the story.  Just like we have been deeply moved by something we read, so hopefully will others when they read our stories.  Reading a great story gives the reader to courage to push through life’s ailments and takes them out of their own world and into a brilliant one where anything is possible.  Joy, hope, peace, and victory are discovered and because of such, burdens are lifted, perspective is found, and breakthroughs happen. I write because I want to give that experience to others and have them share that same feeling.

4. We write for the sake of beauty.  Art is beautiful and words can be beautiful, healing the worse hurts, uplifting the most downtrodden, giving hope and refuge to the lost and confused, or bringing peace to those suffering and encouraging others to press on in spite of the obstacles ahead. Words are evocative and writing gives voice to the fire in the human soul, it gives life to dead situations, and restores what was once broken.  Words when articulated in the right manner bring forth the most beautiful smile, brighten the day, and shed an array of exquisiteness and grace not easily found elsewhere.

5. We write for the sake of grief.  Sorrow and pain need an outlet.  Writing gives us a chance to work through life’s trials and tribulations. It gives pain and despair a voice it may have not otherwise had or may have manifested in a less constructive manner.  Writing lets us frame the strangeness of dark feelings into something definable, if not precisely manageable.  Writing affords us an opportunity to process and to heal and to begin anew.

6. We write for fun. Nothing really to add to this one.  Writing is a chance to let your imagination run wild and explore distant lands creating whatever realm you so desire and taking the reader on the ride with you.

Each of has a voice and with that voice comes a responsibility to determine how our life story will be described to the masses.  It is up to us to write the stories we want to tell or have someone else tell them for us.  Bear in mind, you may not like how they tell your story or what part of it they choose to tell.  So the next time someone asks why you write, simply tell them, “I have a story to tell and no one can tell it better than me!”

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ~ Anais Nin

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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