Motivational Monday



Motivation can be found in many sources, but what is most refreshing and inspiring is when our youth are the ones leading the charge and motivating the elder statesmen.  The adage states our children are our future and despite the numerous stories of youth on the wrong side of the law, there are just as many stories of youth who are excelling above and beyond the norms.  One such youth is Jaylen Bledsoe.

At the spry age of 15, Bledsoe has already amassed a $3.5 million IT corporation that is steadily growing and expanding.  The CEO and President of Bledsoe Technologies, based in Missouri, states his best advise for other young entrepreneurs is to “Take risks.  As a minor, there’s nothing you can do that will shoot you down for too long. You can always jump back up and keep going.”

Bledsoe’s company staffs 150 contract employees to meet the high demands and although his age doesn’t normally coincide with wisdom, Bledsoe is preparing for the next phase of life and has intentions on attending Harvard and pursuing a corporate law degree, displaying wisdom beyond his years.

The 40s television show The Quiz Kids featured child prodigies and used the tagline “Out the mouth of babes oft times come gems.”  Jaylen Bledsoe is such a gem and a true motivation and inspiration that age does not dictate success nor hinder those that strive to succeed.  The only thing one needs do is keep trying, never quit, and never give up on your dream.  Success is gained by those who have the will and thrive to overcome in the face of turmoil and challenges.  Use this young man as a motivation to show us all that dreams are possible and whatever we set our minds to can be achieved.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill

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