Thankful Thursdays!

BrotherWord - Thankful Thursdays!
I’m THANKFUL for the talent God has blessed me with,
But more THANKFUL for learning that without hard work, the talent has no benefit.
I’m THANKFUL that God entrusted me with my own unique skill set;
That when He made me, He knew what was best.
I’m THANKFUL for trials and tribulations, setbacks and downfalls;
THANKFUL that despite naysayers, doubters, and sabotage, I still stand tall.
I’m THANKFUL that all around me is inspiration and motivation;
THANKFUL that no matter where I look, I can find beauty in God’s creation.
I’m THANKFUL that my support system is the best there can be;
Also THANKFUL that they always keep it real with me.
THANKFUL that those that love me have no problem telling when I’m wrong,
And just as THANKFUL that when I can’t see it, they help me to remain strong.
I’m THANKFUL that I have not stop dreaming or pursuing my goals;
THANKFUL that the passion that burns in me feeds the purpose in my soul.
I’m THANKFUL for my angel who continues to watch from Heaven above;
THANKFUL that because of her I learned the depths and meaning of true love.
I’m THANKFUL that daily I have a chance to reach people and change lives;
THANKFUL that what I’ve gone through will be a beacon for others to survive.
THANKFUL that the life I lead is the life I make! ©

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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