Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

“Let your action match your words.  If all you’re doing is talking about it, nothing is being accomplished.” ~ BrotherWord

It’s one thing to devise a plan, lay out the formula, write an outline, and tell others how great things will turn out, but if that is the most you are willing to do, don’t waste your breath.  Actions speak volumes and as much as I believe in the power of words, I also realize that words fuel the movement!

Stop just talking about what you are going to do and start doing it.  Even if things are moving slow, it is better than those that are sitting still.  Physics defines motion as any movement or change in position or time.  So if you want to change the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of your life, you have to begin positioning yourself to do so.  Change from that stagnant being who only thinks of what life has to offer to a body in motion moving through time accomplishing their heart’s desires.

Every day is another 24 hours to achieve something; use it wisely.  In 2014, let your resolutions leap from the page and spring into action.  You wrote it down, now start living it out!

“Do you want to know who you are?  Don’t ask.  Act!  Action will delineate and define you.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~ Pablo Picasso


Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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