Motivational Monday

 BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

Have you ever thought about your predecessors, those that came before you, and sacrificed so you can have the opportunities to chase your dreams?  Do you realize that the ideals they challenged and what they persevered through was not for their gain, but so that future generations could have a fair and equal chance.  The only thing that motivated them was providing a better world for those that followed.

That is what I find most motivating and inspirational on this Motivational Monday; that what I do today can and will impact those that will come after me.  The lives I encounter in the present will inevitably reach further and wider than originally thought or expected and will manifest in the future in ways not yet conceived.  I am excited that what I do today will make a difference tomorrow.

No matter what you do, realize that it is a blueprint to follow and a road map to success.  Whatever you do, whatever challenge you face, and wherever life takes you, know that someone has already navigated the road and succeeded and someone else will also traverse a similar path following the breadcrumbs you leave behind.  The moral:  Pay attention to whom and what preceded and learn from their triumphs and mistakes.  Also, leave something behind for those that proceed you and wish to carry on the good works.  The life you live is not solely for you.

With February being Black History Month, I find a great deal of motivation from those that gave their lives and talents so that I may do the same and I vow to follow their examples and continue their works.  Will you too pick up the mantle and carry the torch?  What motivation do you find from the previous generation, your predecessors, and those that blazed the trail you now travel?  The time is now and what you do will motivate and inspire the next great thinker, inventor, innovator, and leader.

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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