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Hello Ladies.  This PSA is specifically for YOU!  I hope you take time to read this and more importantly, absorb it and incorporate it into your daily lives.  This public service announcement is a cry for help from the men who are out there fulfilling their roles as priest, provider, and protector.  It is one thing having to battle the outside world and be on guard at every turn, but a man’s home should be his castle and his spouse should be his helpmeet.  When he arrives home, he should be able to let his guard down, relax, and commune with his loved ones; not face another tirade and mutiny.  Ladies, the prince charming you have been seeking and praying for is right there in front of you.  Adjust your view, appreciate your man for all he is, and let him know that his efforts are not in vain.

5 Steps to Appreciating Him

BrotherWord - It MattersStep 1: Let him know that what he does matters – How often do you take for granted the little things or take the position that as a man, that is what he is supposed to do?  No one wants to be taken for granted or feel used.  Yes, there may be predetermined roles – take out the garbage, mow the grass, maintain the vehicle – but do not diminish or overlook his efforts.  Acknowledge what he does, thank him for being the husband and father he is, and let him know that his efforts do not go unnoticed or under-appreciated.

BrotherWord - Speak Your MindStep 2: Speak your mind, he is not a mind-reader – Assuming that he knows your every thought and can magically fulfill your every wish, is unfair and foolish.  Despite however long you have been together, no one thinks the same or acts the same and to think he automatically knows what is on your mind is a recipe for disaster.  Speak your mind and say how you feel and then there will be need to guess or wonder and now he knows and can hopefully find the proper solution.

symbols emotionsStep 3: He has feelings too – It does not matter how macho or how strong you think your man is or he portrays to be, he has feelings and things do affect him.  They may affect him differently than you and different than other men, but he still feels.  Take into consideration the things you know will register and strike a chord and be mindful of the rest.  Just as you want your feelings and thoughts to be taken into account, he wants the same.

BrotherWord - RespectStep 4: Respect is paramount – Every man’s core essence is built around a variation of respect in one way or another and each man has different degrees in which respect, or the lack thereof, plays a factor in their life.  The biggest slap in the face is when the person he loves the most disrespects him.  Imagine baring your soul and being at your most vulnerable and the one you allow to be the closest betrays that very trust.  Stop putting your man in compromising positions and challenging his manhood simply because you know he would never do anything to retaliate or tarnish his reputation and image his worked his whole life to build.

BrotherWord - LoveStep 5: Love him like no other – Intimacy and love are not a one-way street.  Do not think for one second that he does not want to be showered and pampered with love and affection.  If you really want to see the lengths in which your man will go for you, love him with your entire mind, body, and soul, completely and wholly, and watch that man move mountains and go to the ends of the earth just to make you smile.  Love is the most powerful of all emotions and when shared properly it can and will conquer all.  Love him as you want to be loved.

Ladies the greatest thing you can ever do for your man let him know he matters, speak to him openly and honestly, consider his feelings, respect him at all times, and love him like no one else.  Develop your relationship inside out to the point that not only will it endure, but it is impenetrable.  Just as he is the priest, provider, and protector, you are the backbone, glue, and the pulse.  You hold the relationship together in good times and tough times and make assure that your man can stand upright, proud of his family and himself.  You are the cohesiveness that holds things together and shields him from the calamity of the outside world while formulating a bond that is so strong that nothing can ever come in between.  You dictate the mood and pace of the relationship and as long you are working together, striving for the same goals, the relationship will alls be fulfilling, prosperous, and entertaining – it will be total satisfaction.

How do you show your man appreciation?  Do you practice these tips?  Do you have others to add?  Did you find these tips helpful?  Share your thoughts with #BrotherWord and let us know if you find the 5 Tips for Appreciating Him affective.  Leave your comments here or on Twitter @BrotherWord with the hashtag #Appreciate.

BrotherWord - 5 Tips to Appreciate Him

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  1. This should not be for how Ladies should treat their “Man”, but how people in a relationship should treat EACH OTHER! Communication, love and respect is a two-way street.

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