Motivational Monday – Forever More

BrotherWord - Forever More

Not looking for temporary moments, trying to discover my forever. 

Somebody who wants all of me, will give whole-heartedly, completely, knowing 2 together, on one accord, makes it that much better. 

I want a friend, lover, and a wife;

That one that considers me, thinks of me, and cares about me, a partner for life. 

I want my help meet, the one God ordained on my behalf;

The blessing that was born from my rib, the one that says all you need do is ask and the desires of your heart you can have.

I want happiness, bliss, passion, and love;

I want the one that is so compatible to me it’s like hand fits glove. 

Until then I’ll prepare myself and wait on her to come into world,

Knowing that God’s timing is best, and this is Heaven’s version of Boy Meets Girl.  

I want that earth-shattering, make your heart skip a beat type of love, mi amor;

You know the type of love that stops time and knows no distance, that type of love that never says never and lasts forever more. ©


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