Motivational Monday

BrotherWord - Motivational Monday

How often do so many allow themselves to be labeled by others, ultimately being boxed in, and relinquishing all power, allowing someone else to dictate their destiny?  Many times people assume the labels put on them by their family, friends, and society and instead of proving them wrong and rising above the stereotypes, many take on a persona they were never meant to inherit.

Hear me now!  You are more than a label and greater than what any one person thinks of you. You have been divinely made with talents uniquely yours and a path that has been written solely for you.  No one can take that away or deter you from that, but you.  People may not understand your plight, they may ridicule you for your convictions, and may even try to block your progress at every step, but there isn’t a devil in hell or a soul on earth that can destroy your dream if you do not allow it!

Starting today, vanquish the naysayers, rid yourself of the labels, and live the life you you were born to achieve.  What you will be defined for will not be what someone says, but what your actions prove.  The definition of your life will be measured by your perseverance when all seemed lost, your ability to rise above the worst of circumstances, and how you handled it all. It will NOT be defined by what others say or how they attempted to label you.  The easiest thing to disapprove and discredit is false labels and assumptions.  How you behave and carry yourself will ultimately define the legacy you leave behind.

Remember, your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become habits, your habits become character, and your character becomes destiny.  Now put a label on that!

Dont Label Me


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