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BrotherWord - Good Friday

Good Friday is typically viewed as the commemoration of Jesus’ Passion story – His betrayal, trial, and crucifixion.  It is a vivid indication of how those closest to you may let you down, turn on you, and lead you down a path of destruction and death.  But it also demonstrates that even when faced with the most dire of situations, each and everyone of us still possesses the attributes to overcome and prosper in the midst of total madness and complete chaos.

I will never pretend that anyone walking this earth is Jesus, or even close for that matter, but we all can be Jesus-like in how we deal with trials and tribulations.  As life happens, not everything will be pleasant nor will it be easy.  People – relatives, friends, colleagues, and strangers alike – will lie on you, deceive you, turn their backs on, betray you, and try to orchestrate your downfall.  It is very easy to retaliate and stoop to their level, to attempt to gain retribution, but what would that accomplish?  Would that not make you as diabolical as them?  And please don’t take me as a pacifist or someone who does not believe in standing up for themselves, but I do strongly believe that some battles are best not fought.  Jesus knew He would be betrayed and put to death, unrightfully so, and He accepted His fate.

It’s the hardest thing in the world to accept the actions of others, especially when they have wronged you.  Trials teach us patience and perseverance; betrayal fortifies our faith, confirms our beliefs and strengthens discernment; and being crucified only shows that sometimes we have to go through the fire and allow things to be put to rest so that we may rise again, stronger, wiser, and purified.  Today is indeed a good day!


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