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Yesterday I was enlightened with a profound word from @pastorj_higherd in which he stated, “If you want to change your reality, you have to change your mentality.”  Many times we allow our thoughts to cloud our vision and ultimately, destroy our destiny.  Today, that cycle ends!

Whatever you are wrestling with begins with your thoughts and not only does it affect how you perceive yourself, but also how you see the situations surrounding you.  A defeated mentality has already loss, but those that can will themselves beyond their circumstances, are more than conquerors… they are survivors.  Survivors rise above, adapt to change, and make the most out any matter.  They do this because they are able to develop a mental fortitude that helps shape their reality in ways never imagined.

We all possess this ability, but unfortunately, so many choose to allow an unrealistic perception to take root in their mind and develop a distorted reality.  That distorted reality begins to consume and control and little by little, it destroys hope, dreams, and purpose.  If this is happening to you, I guarantee you can turn it around.

The first step is to remember and realize that pain is temporary and all pain is based on how it registers in your thoughts.  When you control your thoughts, the pain subsides, lessens, and eventually, you no longer feel it all.  Pain serves two purposes – a trigger to the senses to remind you to allow yourself to feel and a reminder that no matter the pain, you posses to the power to overcome it.  No matter what you go through, how you perceive will ultimately dictate how you go through it.  You can let it tear you apart or you can use it as fuel to grow and become stronger.

Next, every tool you need to prosper is either within you or within your grasp.  You have been equipped with the knowledge, knowledge that has been gained through all of life’s experiences.  Coupled with that knowledge, are the people and things to aid you.  You know who and what they are and you are aware of the tools and talents that have lain dormant.  Now is the time to tap into that potential.

Finally, accept that not all things will be picture perfect… and that is okay.  Life is about twists and turns and how we navigate the trail is what makes it adventurous and makes us wiser.  The better we handle the twists, the easier the next obstacle course  will be to handle.  Each obstacle is a building block and what is being built is your own personal masterpiece!

Today is the day you take charge of your life and start developing your reality into what you seek.  You either change the world around you change the way you think about it.  No matter what, you form the life you have imagined and desired.  No more feeling sorry or succumbing.  You are a survivor and conqueror!

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