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BrotherWord - Defeated

In life there will be times when you lose; it is a necessary part of life.  Loss is a barometer of growth, but loss does not constitute defeat.  A defeated mentality only happens when one gives up hope and surrenders to their circumstances.  Defeat is a quitter’s mindset.

No one wants to lose.  It is common practice to look at any loss as some sort of failure, but contrary to popular belief, there is much to gain in every loss.  When we lose, we discover how to become better, we learn our strengths and weaknesses, we re-evaluate our plans, and if we truly pay attention, we learn the lesson.  To lose means there is room to grow, but to become defeated means we no longer wish to succeed.

Every loss is preparing you for the ultimate victory and each time you fall short, it does not mean give up.  It means that there is still preparation needed.  It also is saving grace from a greater setback that could have possibly discouraged you or caused you to lose faith.  Do not quit on yourself or your dreams!

Losing is a hard pill to swallow and rarely feels good, but sometimes, it is the best medicine one can receive.  The tools you develop and sharpen, the wisdom that is forged, and the courage developed in the midst of midst of depair are what will propel you to overcome no matter the obstacle and never be defeated.  So next time things don’t work out and it seems you have lost, look at it as a step closer to achieving your heart’s desire.

“Failure defeats losers, but it inspires winners.” 

Thank You and Continue to Spread the Word!

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