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BrotherWord - Serenity

There are times when you have to know when to regroup and/or walk away.  It is one of the hardest decisions and no matter what the circumstances or situation, it is never easy to look at something you have invested blood, sweat, and tears in and imagine it may have run its course and now it is time to cut ties.

Despite how difficult it may seem, it takes a wise person who understands that emotional ties are not enough to continue down a path to nowhere or worse yet, a path of destruction.  Continuing a journey that has no destiny is as damaging, if not more damaging, than a poor plan.  A poor plan is bound to fail because the preparation was never there.  But continuing when you no there is little to no chance of success is a waste of time, effort and resources, and prevents you from revamping, recollecting, and restarting.  Why waste more time when that season has expired?

We all must possess a sense of serenity and clarity to know when to accept fate.  It does not mean we have surrendered or given up, but it is a measure of maturity to realize that not everything can be salvaged or fixed.  Somethings are meant to be a lesson to prepare us for the next season and the next phase of life and we have to be courageous enough to learn the lesson and let go those things that do not benefit the ultimate goals.  There are many roads to destiny and just because one road ends and another has roadblocks, it does not mean the journey is over.

Be courageous enough to persevere through the storms, but wise enough to know when to take shelter.  The thing about dreams are they show the grand finale, but very few times do they show all it takes to get there.  Vision is the manifestation of the dream,  a realistic, attainable goal.  Your wisdom is what will determine if it remains simply a dream, something you fantasize about, or develops and builds into a vision, a culmination of proper planning and preparation, hard, dedicated work, and intelligent and practical choices.

The wise live to fight another day, but the foolish continue to follow a dead end to certain peril and doom.  Give yourself permission to walk away from anything or anyone who does not factor in your growth or prosperity.  It is better to cut a parasite out instead of letting it consume and destroy all!  Be wise my friend!


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